Child’s Play Print Auctions

The three Child’s Play auctions were a tremendous success. Here is a recap narrative to take you through all the WILD TWISTS AND TURNS.

The first image was a placid landscape scene! Take a closer look here.

The winner was the friendly and gregarious Thomas, who bid $242.73. Thomas happened to be in my area and kindly offered to pick up the print in person:

The second print was a ponderous meditation on the nature of consciousness. Take a closer look here.

The winner of this piece was Jason, who bid $247.50. I packed Jason’s print in a large box:

The third print was a careful reconstruction of a moment of elation we all felt at some point in about the second grade.

Take a closer look here.

The winner of this one was Adam, who bid $252.97. I packed Adam’s print in a box similar to Jason’s. Because I anticipated that the post office would not be, shall we say, thrilled at the prospect of manhandling these two large, fragile boxes around their destructi-facility, I attempted to ease their burden with levity:

I wanted to be more elaborate, perhaps something approaching a fresco, but time was at a premium. So I rushed to the post office and arrived mere seconds after they closed, the employee swinging her key-lanyard around on the other side of the doors as if to say, “Screw every one of you suckers racing towards me from the parking lot with murderous gleams in your holiday-shopping-crazed eyes.”

Anyway I went back another day and everything is peachy now.

The total amount bid from all three auctions combined is $743.20. I am absorbing all the eBay and PayPal fees, because that’s what Gabe and Tycho do — Child’s Play doesn’t take any administrative fees, and all of the donations they receive go directly towards the cause; namely, helping to make the time that sick kids spend in the hospital a little more enjoyable. I’m happy to have done my part.

Kid, don’t throw your Wii controller through a window or something.

Thanks for bidding, everyone, and I hope you enjoy the prints!

Update: Jason sent a picture of the safe arrival and display of his print!


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