ARCHIVE DIVE: Five Wondermarks Based on True Events

Over on Patreon I’ve posted a long article that takes a closer look at a handful of Wondermark strips from the past — this time, “Five Wondermarks Based on True Events”:

Patreon is a sponsorship site, but this particular post (and its predecessor in this series, “Five Wondermark Firsts”) are free to read!

Patreonauts who choose to become sponsors, however, have been known to get occasional and capricious rewards, such as downloadable goods, early access or discounts for various new releases, and of course at the Cast Card subscription level, a unique monthly commemorative plaque. Posts that I make on Patreon are irregular, but exclusive.

I plan to write more of these “Archive Dive” posts; it’s fun to try to dissect moments in time that led to specific decisions being made! And to interrogate the process. There have certainly been things, at times, that I’ve noticed about my own work only in retrospect, with the perspective of time and distance.

I’ve done some similar writeups focusing on individual Roll-a-Sketch drawings, as well — that particular series is available to patreonauts pledging $5 or more.

If you like that sort of thing, well, that’s where you can get it!! Irregularly but exclusively!

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