2011 Errata

Flickr photo by Nick Webb

Once every year, my crack team of ombudsfolk compiles a humiliating list of all the factual inaccuracies in the previous twelve months’ comics. With my apologies for any confusion or distress these errors may have caused, please find corrections below.

#696; The Chilling Case of Were-Cat
The prefix “were-“, as in werewolf, is Old English for ‘man’ — so something referred to as “were-cat” would in fact be expected to be some sort of man/cat creature, and not strictly a cat (or even a cat/cat).

#690; In which a Tag is Utterly Obscured
The action performed by the subject did not, in fact, make the situation ‘much better’.

#739; Hoppily Ever After
Howard never actually made an overt promise to sweep Etta off of her feet; it was just something she assumed in the heat of the marshy, froggy makeout session.

#742; In which is dug a Passage
The final word balloon contains a typographical error. It should instead read “Only of demon-simulated porn of you”. It should then have been followed by a second, smaller word balloon reading simply “Handsome”

#733; Big News
The Bugle actually initially misidentified Iowa governor Terry Branstad as “Terry Crews”.

#771; Accounting by Network
The guy on the left in Panel 1 is supposed to look even crazier.

#776; In which Toothpaste is made
A torque wrench is a tool to measure how much rotational force is being applied, for example to a bolt or nut. Its only utility in conjunction with a vise might be to measure in foot-pounds precisely how powerfully the vise handle is being tightened. This does not unilaterally rule out its usefulness in the toothpaste scenario, but if the aim is to apply as much force as possible to the vise handle, a simple hollow pipe, used to extend the handle’s leverage, might be of even greater use.

#763; In which an Infatuation shatters
Gax has not been impersonating Amanda from the very beginning, only for the last eleven years.

Wondermark regrets the errors.

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