2009 Calendars! & Capsule book reviews

Hey what’s this?

It’s the 2009 Wondermark Calendar! These guys are made of twelve individual monthly cards, each 8.5″ x 5.5″, which sit in a heavy brass easel. Each month is adorned with an image and a bit of dark verse written by me. The calendars are hand-screenprinted by my wife Nikki in our home, and are strictly limited to 150 copies.

We didn’t have a chance to make a new video, but the process is exactly the same as last year, illustrated below (or at this link, for readers on feeds):

…With the sole exception that I am now a full year older than in that video. This year’s calendars are created by hand just like last year, and they are available with the easel (recommended!) or simply as a “refill” of just the cards if you still have an easel from last year. We are printing the 150 copies of the calendar now, and will start shipping them next week. You should order them right this second — our U.S. shipping deadline is nominally this Sunday, but we will continue shipping all packages (sans guarantee) right up ’til Christmas Day, at which point we will collapse from exhaustion. So your chances are reasonable to very good, and you should order now.

“But David,” you may say in a charming accent, “are you insane? Those of us in far-flung foreign countries with postal services that you justifiably distrust could never get these by Christmas!”

A-ha! I’ve got you covered, friend. I will do everything in my power to get these calendars out the door as soon as possible. BUT, should the vagaries of Fate stand between my California hovel and your palatial estate in Dublin or Johannesburg or Auckland or Oslo or Hong Kong, your sweetie for whom you have purchased this thoughtful gift will not be empty-handed come The Day. For you can give them this:

It is a Certificate asserting that you have, indeed, purchased a calendar and that it is on its way. Simply print it out on A4 paper (right-click to download PDF) and keep it as a backup in case your postman disappoints you. Your honeybunch will understand! And then you can have a Second Christmas when it finally arrives. (I think in the majority of cases this will not be necessary, but, you know, just in case.)

As I said, there will only be 150 of these calendars made. This is a bit of a gamble; we sold 100 last year, and I’ve decided to step it up one notch. But savvy pre-ordering customers have already purchased, as of this writing, 51 of the 150 — so only 99 remain! Go to it.


Okay, time’s getting short, the holidays approacheth anon, you’ve still got a long list, let’s get to it. Books your clever friends & weird family will love:

The Affected Provincial’s Companion, by Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy.
This is a lot like a Wondermark book, except it’s written by a guy who actually rides a penny-farthing bicycle around town while wearing a plaid suit with a daisy in the lapel. Other books in the Wondermark vein (Victoriana played for parody): The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited DiseasesHow to Make Friends and Oppress People: Classic Travel Advice for the Gentleman Adventurer (Seriously.)
Perfect for: Anyone who’s ever wistfully said, “Oh, I was born in the wrong century!”, but wasn’t mocking a nerd at the time

The Kris Straub Comedy Compendium (Starslip Crisis Volumes 1-2; Chainsawsuit: The Book), by Kris Straub
Kris is a funny guy and his comics read thrillingly well in serial form. The nuances of his space-opera story really unfold underneath the day-to-day gag strips, and his Chainsawsuit goofball thing is ideal for the can.
Perfect for: Anyone who owns Firefly or Doctor Who DVDs, especially if they won’t let you borrow them

Moruskine, by Dirk Schwieger
A book of comics illustrating the adventures of Dirk in Tokyo, chronicling the things that random people dared him to do around Japan. Read as much as you like on the Web and see if you’re not instantly fascinated.
Perfect for: Anyone who reads Lonely Planet books for fun (I do! They’re really entertaining)

Pugs: God’s Little Weirdos, by Dave Kellett
Dave has a serious affection for pugs, but he’s certainly aware that they’re lacking something critical in the skull that would make them more intelligent than a bumblebee in a special school. Pugs is a collection of Dave’s charming “Sheldon” comics about the crazy animals.
Perfect for: Your mom

I Am White Ninja and You are My Pickle Sidekick, by Scott Bevan & Kent Earle
“White Ninja” comics do indeed feature a white ninja. But no, they are not about anything really ninja-related. What “White Ninja” comics are becomes perfectly clear when I explain that these are schoolchums from Saskatchewan who began drawing comics in like the seventh grade.
Perfect for: Anyone who’s ever named something animate after something inanimate, such as a dog named “Toaster” or a baby named “Bagpipe”

Now go to it! And don’t forget to order a calendar!

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