Radiolab’s “Moments”

I found this video, by filmmaker Will Hoffman and presented by the radio program Radiolab, utterly delightful.


  1. ReverendTed

    What is a moment? That’s easy. A moment is the fundamental unit of experience.

  2. Walter Underwood

    While I was watching this just as the balloon floats a way, the sun moved to reflect off a window directly into my eye. A moment.

  3. HunterJE

    I absolutely adore RadioLab. Didn’t even know they were doing video…

  4. increpare

    grotesquely kitsch

  5. Alex

    I was mesmerized by this video, but its so hard to describe accurately what is so amazing about it. Certainly it’s how they edit the moments, the perceived/presumed links between successive ones. But there’s more to it and I can’t put my linguistic finger on it…

  6. JG

    I got a kick out of the frisbee getting stuck on the roof.

  7. April

    A moment is longer than an instant but shorter than a while.

  8. Pascal

    Amazing, all those trivial things we experience everyday combined into something beautiful.

  9. Thom Phelps

    So many of these moments I have shared and so many I will never experience. And yet, this film hands those unattainable to me, like a gift, by placing them within the context of the ones that are familiar. Thanks for sharing this, David!

  10. Hamlew

    Thank you – I thought it was the best visual description of life passing before your eyes without the mucky bit of dying

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