Meta Protest Sign

Spotted at (or at least made for) the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity.

I’m flattered! This is seriously very cool.


  1. Lex

    Love the sign. Reminds me of Mitch Hedberg’s “I’m against picketing, but i don’t know how to show it”. Well, i suppose that’s one way of showing it.

    Ordered Machine of Death here today, and read the preview afterwards. Am now awaiting its arrival with excited anticipation, and spreading the word to friends. Yay viral marketing!.

  2. Matt Downie

    Now being referenced in the international media:

  3. Doug D

    Definitely “spotted at” — I saw that sign there today.

  4. Charles

    Apparently there was more than one version:

    I haven’t seen one of the alt-text though.

  5. Wry Mouth

    now can we have a similar “amen” for twitter?

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