Check out: Comics Archetype Times Table

where are the bears in ill-fitting hats???

By Jacob Borchard. Click the image to see it full-size on the artist’s site. This is a wonderful thing.


  1. MIK

    My anal retentive side really wants me to whittle away the duplicates in this chart…

  2. Elissa

    I like the astronaut ninja–he looks so bewildered.

  3. Robert de Forest

    I would have preferred if the duplicates had instead been a different take so that “robot-ninja” is different from “ninja-robot”. Multiplication of archetypes is not commutative. Archetypes are more like matrices than vectors.

    Also, the boxes on the “type-type” diagonal should be MORE of whatever they are. A ninja-ninja is to regular ninja what ninja are to regular people.

  4. Uncle Staple

    no, ninjaXninja is like multiplying 1×1, it equals ninja.

    i like this chart a lot.

  5. Sharin

    What, no pirates? I’m aghast.

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