Check out: Book cover clones

Check out: Book cover clones

This was super-fascinating to me! Obviously book designers often use stock photographs and common motifs, but here are two blogs which systematically compile and showcase trends and copycats/similarities in cover design, including some which even use the exact same stock photos.

Euro Crime: Common Themes in Cover Design

The Rap Sheet: Copycat Covers

  • I find it hilarious that you didn’t just find A blog about duplicate book covers, but TWO blogs about duplicate book covers.

  • And here’s another, albeit without the handy tag/category view…

  • Hooray for iStockphoto!

  • Chris

    Ironically, one website about copying is a copy of the other…

  • Hamilton

    Has anyone else noticed that the cover for Machine of Death looks almost exactly the same as the cover for “A Scientologist’s Guide to Alfred Hitchcock (illustrated edition)”?

  • Friend of mine used to work for a literary agent. They didn’t often represent fantasy authors, so she had a bit of a problem explaining to the agent that the “original cover art” on one author’s new book was anything but.

    It consisted of a guy on a hill, with no shirt, waving a sword over his head…

  • I think you’ll also enjoy Caustic Cover Critic, especially posts like this:

  • KC

    A book I helped write did the same thing, there was a long debate with the publisher over if they should use the image for the cover or not.

  • Mental Mouse

    Making Light played a few rounds of Match The Covers a while back.