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#622; In which Sleep has it All
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Sick Elephant Notification Forms

Reaction to our current story arc (which starts here) has been fascinating to see!

Thank you for the many kind (and even the few less-than-kind) emails. And for your own sick elephant suggestions — though I am perfectly well stocked, believe you me.

I know this has been going on for a while. And I assure you that this plane is on a gradual and appropriate glide slope to its narrative conclusion.

HOWEVER, if you’d like to parachute out now, I UNDERSTAND. Put your email into this form and I’ll let you know when this storyline is over:

Sick Elephant Notification Forms

OR, if you happen to be of the opposite opinion, you can always put your email into this form:

Sick Elephant Notification Forms

What does this accomplish? WHO CAN SAY. Maybe, at some undefined future point, elephant fans might get something special in their email! THE WORLD IS UNCERTAIN.

Our Kickstarter campaign for the new book is proceeding apace!

Thank you to everyone who’s reserved a copy so far, I am very excited for you to get it in several months.

Sick Elephant Notification Forms

If we beat our funding goal, any extra money raised will go toward making everyone’s book longer, with more comics included – so please spread the word!

The new book will not, alas, contain any sick elephants; the contents come from a bit farther back in the archive.

(Though if you’ve read the past books, you know that Norbert, the hero of the present story arc, has made a small appearance in each.)

But here’s one thing I am including: over on the campaign page, there’s a link to a free download of my last book, Emperor of the Food Chain:

Sick Elephant Notification Forms

This is so interested parties can see firsthand what a Wondermark book is like, without me giving away too much of what’ll be in the new book!

You can download the book even if you don’t back the project — it’s just a “thank you!” from me for visiting the campaign page.

IT’S HERE: New Wondermark book collection now funding on Kickstarter!


It’s finally time! You can now reserve your copy of a BRAND NEW WONDERMARK BOOK, which I will be printing this fall and releasing this spring!

It will contain comics #556 through at least #740 (and maybe even more, depending on how much funding we raise).

This is a VERY FRUITFUL ERA of Wondermark and encompasses many of my favorite strips, such as:

I mean the book will contain entire strips, not just these random panels

You can also watch our campaign video RIGHT HERE on THIS VERY PAGE. It features the SURPRISING BACKSTORY of Wondermark as a concept!!

I’m gonna yell about this ALL THE TIME for the next month, so just get ready for that.

[ New Wondermark book on Kickstarter ]

The September Cast Card will feature: Gax!

The September Cast Card will feature: Gax!

Since we are in the final few months of the availability of Wondermark Cast Cards (little commemorative plaques that celebrate the important moments we share), I thought I should point out that the card for September will feature celebrated terrible alien Gax.

There’s a little less than a week left to claim the September card — just register for the Cast Card Subscription tier over on Patreon before the end of the month.

And then I’ll send you this card — and, if you choose to remain a subscriber, another card each month until the end of the year!

I’m drawing the Cast Cards to a close because, real talk, they are incredibly laborious to create — we assemble each one here at the workshop out of laser-cut wood, color-printed labels, and gold-foil-stamped stickers.

So this will be one of your last chances to take advantage of my foolish ambition! My wrist surgery ended up being postponed due to surgeon illness, so I’ve got a reprieve of a little while to get these made and shipped for you.

We’re also very close to the launch of a Kickstarter for the next Wondermark book — like, mere days away — and Patreon patrons (at any of our tiers) will get advance notice of that and possibly a chance to snag a book at a discount! Who can say!!