it seems that pets love comics too
Does your cat love Wondermark? Does your dog dig the Comic Strip Doctor? Does your turtle just love spamming the comments box? (Seriously, stop it.) We all know that pets live secretive double lives while we're away, knocking all our pens on the floor and drinking from the fish tank and reading comics online. These people caught their animals in the act! We present the photos below as evidence.

It's easy for your fluffykins to appear on this page -- just take a picture of your pet reading Wondermark (printout or computer screen, doesn't matter) and email it to me at dave at wondermark dot com.

For example:

This is my cat, Mall of America! She is normally terrified of everything but she finds solace in the calming pleasure of Wondermark.

Now yours:
we call her molliepants for short
Alanna from Louisiana sends in this picture of Martin, who is "quite possibly part African wildcat."  Martin, like his brother Marcus below, is a Victorian Bayou Cat.  I don't know what that means, but if I had to take a guess, I would say that appreciation for engravings humourously depicting excretion is written in his genes.

Thanks, Alanna!
hey what's going on with these venetian blinds huh
Marcus seems to take the whole affair much more seriously than his eager brother Martin, above.  If I didn't know better, I would think that Marcus was some sort of Egyptian herald animal, with the light of Ra illuminating a golden path towards his eternal reward.  But I know better!

Thanks again, Alanna!
that is a very dramatic computer room
Whisper here comes courtesy of David and family. David, it appears that Whisper is emulating the stately pose of our nation's great leaders when they sat for portraits. (Many of those noble figures also had comics about skeletons propped up behind them, handy for quick glances to pass the time.)

Thanks, David!
awww yeah
Daniel from Scottsdale, Arizona shares this action shot of Bud the War Camel. Bud's proportions remind me of my twelfth-grade history teacher. Mrs. Converse, if you're reading this, never wear that purple dress you so love; it makes you look like Grimace.

Thanks, Daniel!

is a war camel, like, related to war bonds or something
Katie sends in this picture of Chester-Cat. Katie, I don't know if the Ludovico technique (à la A Clockwork Orange) is the best way to make sure Chester-Cat gets his recommended daily allowance of Wondermark, but I guess it couldn't hurt!

Thanks, Katie!

ch-ch-ch-chester ch-ch-ch-cheetah
Ross contributes this picture of four-month-old Tilda. "Pleeeease, let me in," Tilda says. "I wish to consume that comicky goodness." Ross, cats are not meant to be deprived of nourishment, especially at the all-important kitten stage, which is when they learn how to gently poke anything that moves.

Thanks, Ross!

This picture of Boo, a dwarf hamster, comes courtesy of Edna from Vermont. Boo has discovered a new method of typing, which is more efficient than the traditional model because it involves using one's entire body to depress every key within reach simultaneously. Edna, I would be on guard for sawdust-related manifestoes.

Thanks for the picture!

boo! you scared me!
Jovial Jon reports that his pet, "Keith," is stuck inside this bag of wheat. He didn't specify what type of animal "Keith" is, how he got into the bag, or how he plans on getting out, with that knot and all. So, I guess "Keith" will be the first submission to a new Wondermark feature, "Raw Food Items Love Comics Too."

Thanks, Jon!

perhaps keith is a mealworm? WHO CAN SAY
Ryan would like me to believe that his close pal Romper-Stomper, here, is related to Mothra (of Godzilla fame) and also enjoys Icelandic electronica. And who am I to argue? That's a mean-looking butterfly you've got there, Ryan. He's got about a million crazed gleams in his compound eye.

Thanks for the picture!

also he enjoys sugar water and poetry
Squirt here belongs to Kasey from parts unknown, and while I'd like to take credit for the red-eyed gaze that's typical to all who've stayed up all night glued to their computer screen, I think that's just the way Squirt was born.

Thanks, Kasey!

can you dig it, yeah squirt, yeah yeah
This picture of Cookie comes courtesy of Yanichka from Minnesota. As Yanichka can testify, cats feel a very sharp jealousy towards laptops -- they themselves being the original laptops.

Keep that computer safe from "accidental" "accidents", and thanks for the picture, Yanichka!

c is for cookie that's good enough for me
This is Mixie, who lives with Rosie and Dave in Australia (see below). Mixie enjoys fine dining, long walks on the beach, and the pleasant amusement of an afternoon curled up with Wondermark. This is all largely conjecture, but I've been known to read feline expressions pretty accurately.

Thanks for the picture, Dave!

what a demure expression
Mr. Pants here comes to us courtesy of Charles from England. Apparently Mr. Pants is searching for ways to coerce more kisses from his owners. Also, Charles has very good taste in monitors: I've got a Cintiq 18SX just like that.

Thanks, Charles!

mr. pants does not have his pants in view
Dave sent in this picture of Rosie all the way from Australia. Rosie looks like she's enjoying some fine comics. I assume Rosie is female.

I'd visit you there Down Under, Dave, but outer space is so much closer! Also, I need to find some catchphrases of my own.

Thanks, Dave!

rosie appears to be contemplating ham
Nikki from Aruba sent in this picture of Daryl. Daryl seems content to merely exist in a world with Wondermark in it, rather than having to actually go the trouble of reading it. Or maybe he's just waiting 30 seconds so he can experience it afresh?

Thanks, Nikki!

he is reading the reflection off the other side
Ansley of Rhode Island sent in this picture of Mika. See? Thanks to Wondermark's patented MonoChromatism™, even the color-blind can enjoy fine comics!

Thanks, Ansley!

Mika has a fondness for humor!
This is Mitch, sent in by Ivar from Michigan! Mitch even managed to figure out how to turn pages. This is an AMAZING FEAT. Ivar, you had better watch Mitch very carefully! He may start learning LANGUAGE and then humanity will be surely doomed.

Thanks, Ivar!

Mitch has the most discerning taste!
Scott from Virginia sent this picture of Tiger. Tiger is double cute! My cat reads the same way. (I think they're nearsighted).

Thanks, Scott!

Tiger prefers his entertainment old-skool!
These pictures of Maverick come courtesy of Kari, who may or may not be in Germany! Maverick seems very intent on extracting the maximum meaning from every panel.

Thanks, Kari!

Maverick is the original party animal!
     Seriously, send me a picture!  This is cool, right? Or is it weird?