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Dispatches from Wondermark Manor, Vol. I can be found here!

Treachery! An All-New Wondermark Adventure

It's hard to believe, but making poop-joke comic strips isn't the only thing one can do with repurposed Victorian can also make poop-joke comic books!

Introducing Treachery!, an eight-page comedy adventure story in graphic novel format.  It's chock-full of witty Wondermark goodness, as well as all those things that Wondermark strips don't have -- you know, a storyline, characters, a plot.

So!  Why should you buy it?  Because it won't be published on this site, ever!  This story is only available in print.  The beautiful copperplate engravings that I've vulgarized don't really get their due at web resolution, so I've decided to make this book only available in print.

It's my first genuine, for-sale comic book!  I introduced the book at MoCCA in New York and the response was phenomenal.  And who knows -- I just might do another, if people like this one.

It's only $7 to North America, or $10 worldwide.  As always, shipping is included in the price, so that's all you pay.

Buy Treachery!  at the Wondermark Store
this is really slick guys

The Annotated Wondermark: The First Anthology Collection of the Celebrated Comic Strip

Scouring the nebulous wastes of the Web for dependable jocularity? Now, enjoy all the fun of Wondermark in a portable version! Your tiresome search for glee, once you purchase this publication, wait for it to arrive, and then peruse it, will swiftly come to a slow end.

Collecting the first 100 comic strips to appear on, The Annotated Wondermark goes even further and adds: a look at the making of the strip; previously unpublished material; a special interactive section, an introduction by webcomics favorite Ryan North, and more! It's just like a DVD, except more flammable and it won't fit in your player. The Annotated Wondermark makes a great gift for friends and enemies alike!

85 pages; softcover; standard comic-book size (6 5/8" x 10 1/4")
*3rd edition, pictured, is 7 1/8" x 10 5/8"

Buy it at the Wondermark Store or at the following fine retailers:

House of Secrets, 1930 W. Olive Ave, Burbank, CA
Hi De Ho Comics & Books With Pictures, 525 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA
Meltdown Comics & Collectibles, 7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

"But why should I buy the book,
when the website is free?"

Well, smarty, if that's what you're thinking,
here's what you'll find in the book that you
won't find anywhere on this site:

Concept pieces never before seen!

The chance to write your own comics!

A handy party invitation!

A comic that was too hot for the web!

A table of contents!

An introduction by Ryan North!

A brain-teasing labyrinth!

Lots of bonus comic strips!

Plus, you can read it on the crapper!

All for a pretty decent price!

this is a really great book
 "This is really slick." - Reeb Venners