Check out: “We Grow Together” parody gardening show

I really enjoyed this: a parody gardening show written & performed by Sean Casey & Anne Gregory, comedians that I’ve gotten to know as teachers in the improv classes I’ve been taking for the last few months.

There are five five-minute episodes of “We Grow Together” and I recommend watching them all!

  • You’ve been taking improv classes? Awesome! I’m an improviser with Let’s Try This! at Georgia Tech. If you find your way to Atlanta at some point (or if I wind up somewhere else and you go THERE), I would love to workshop with you. I would be interested to see how someone who spends some of his day job time working on refining humor improvises.

  • Jacob Strasser
  • Jason Conner

    Thank you very much for linking this– haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

  • Justin

    Haha, hey, what’s the dig at Lincoln? We only have 2 malls!!! 🙂

    Justin in Lincoln, NE