This weekend: TCAF! in Toronto!

tea calf

In just a few short hours I will be boarding an aeroplane for CANADA. This is a country many of you have probably heard of, and in fact some of you probably even live there! If you happen to be in Toronto, the City of Charity, I hope you will come to the biennial Toronto Comic Arts Festival, featuring many fine artists and raconteurs from nations both near and far. It will be my first time in Toronto and, depending on how lenient the local law-enforcement proves to be, perhaps my last! DO NOT MISS IT.

Should you be prohibitively far from Toronto, or restricted from entering Canada due to outstanding warrants, never fear! You can still get the “personal experience” by ordering an Artist Edition book during these LAST SEVEN DAYS that they are available.

  • Adam H.

    Where are you going to be? Physically? TCAF seems to be spread all over the university district…
    You could just give your cell # to my friend Doug (he’s one of only 3 people in all of toronto!) and he can send it to me and we can meet somehow.
    Just sayin’.

  • I am so looking forward to this. I am planning to buy so many books from Malki !, Kate Beaton and Ryan North. I will be pretty broke by the end of the day on Saturday.

  • Adam! I have no idea where I will be, besides simply “Canada.” I do not know if they herd us foreigners into a pen, or place us upon pedestals and crown us Emperor, or what. Perhaps there will be some sort of directory at the show!

  • Brian

    Malki! In Canada! Welcome to the far north. We have things here like TREES and MEAT. You will be amazed.

  • Have a good time in Canada!

  • Esn

    Hey, I was there today! I bought the “Dispatches from Wondermark” trilogy from you! (near the end of the day)

    To be honest, I’m reading it now and finding it absolutely hilarious. I actually like it better than your Wondermark comics (maybe because I prefer jokes with long lead-ups, which literature is more suited for). The main character is such a wonderful, pompous, arrogant, rich ass.

    I’m surprised that these books haven’t gotten more serious attention; I can’t even find any reviews from a Google search.

    P.S. I think I found a few errors – on pg.7 in the first book, shouldn’t “besides” be “beside” and should not “leaping to my feat” be “leaping to my feet”?

  • Esn

    Hey, just an idea – maybe while you’re here, you could donate a copy of your trilogy to the Toronto Public Library. Just talk to one of the library people about it. It’s like advertising, and you’d reach many people who don’t like to read literature on a computer screen.