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Submission: shut it right up

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This from Brad, who says, “i’m a cell biologist by trade but have worked in the past as an illustrator. i fancied being a medical illustrator for a while, but biology research has captured my interests.

my research meeting notes are generally filled with random sketches, both related and unrelated to the topic at hand.”

Submission: ‘Don’t Come Over’ song!

Wayne has very kindly sent along our very first submission for the Playground Ghosts Reverse Psychology Convention Theme Song Challenge:

Here’s the MP3

Since he is the first out of the gate that also means that his is the BEST SONG of ALL THE SUBMISSIONS received so far.

Submission: emotisaurus

This from Casey, drawn during computer science class.


Submission: sculpture criticism class #3


another by Chris

Submission: lord of death

This from Noelle, who says, “Sometimes I’ll doodle something that I just inherently like exactly as it is. This is one of those things.”

his teeth are tiny tombstones