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Victorian Portraiture at MaxFunCon

Flickr photo by liezlwashere

A few weeks ago, at the fourth annual MaxFunCon, I had the great fun of leading a hands-on seminar: “Victorian Portraiture The Easy Way.” I brought scissors and tape and let people make their own Victorian-style collage portraits!

Like this (click for bigger):

Out of this:

Another example! FROM THIS:

To the inarguably superior THIS:

I’ve posted a Flickr set of a bunch more of these, if you’d like to take a look!

The official MaxFunCon photographer also took a bunch of pictures, starting here.

This was a ton of fun! Thanks to Nick White and Jesse Thorn for inviting me to MaxFunCon this year. Now I have a seminar I can lead…ANYWHERE

Contest: Win my Hendrick’s Gin Artist Box!

The fine folks at Hendrick’s Gin kindly asked me to participate in their “Artist’s Box” program, whereby they sent me a blank, unfinished wooden box and asked me to adorn it however I liked (and fill it with Wondermark goods).

The above is the result — and they will be giving the box away to a random lucky person! You can enter the giveaway here. (US residents only, I’m afraid — they’re an alcohol company and have to abide by certain regulations.)

Making the box was a fun challenge. I wanted to try and do a collage in my usual style, but without the aid of computers — this meant hours looking through books for things that already matched each other without the aid of digital manipulation, and then additional hours spent with old magazines (mainly 1880’s Scientific American) and an X-Acto.

The inside of the box is lined with 1850’s advertisements and book pages as well, all varnished to a high sheen, and the opening is rimmed with leather strips reclaimed from the binding of some 1902 Dickens editions that were a gift from a reader.

I’m tremendously pleased with how it turned out. For more pictures of the box, an interview and more details about its design and assembly, or to enter the giveaway, see the Hendrick’s site:

Post 1 – Introduction and giveaway entry form
Post 2 – Interview with me about my work and philosophy generally
Post 3 – More detailed info about how I made this box specifically

I’m curious about the world, of course, but I’m also curious about myself: the reason I gave myself the challenge of doing this piece physically rather than digitally was that I was curious to see what I would make of it. I trust my artistic vision more than I have a clear sense of what the final product will be — so I’m always curious to see what I can do, what I’ll come up with, what the next piece will suggest to me in a way I haven’t anticipated. I wouldn’t have any fun with my art if I didn’t leave myself open to surprises, and that’s why I like working with external elements so much (rather than simply drawing everything from scratch).

Thanks to Hendrick’s for thinking of me, and good luck to the contest entrants! Also feel free to check out some of the other entries in the Artist’s Box series — they’re gorgeous.

Nobody tell Hendrick’s that I am not a trained fine artist like these people please

UPDATE: The box was won by Peter S. of Chicago. Congratulations, Peter! Hope you enjoy!

Boom! And a Bear Comes Out

I wrote a song! It has been running through my mind for a long time, and I finally said “You know what? It is time to FINISH THIS. Time to lay it down. Time to make it the PARTY HIT OF THE SUMMER.”

Boom! And a Bear Comes Out from David Malki ! on Vimeo.

(Download the MP3)

I hope you like it!

If you also have a nagging “cool thing” that you need an excuse to finish, why not submit something to the Machine of Death Talent Show? We’ve pushed back the submission deadline to April 20, and we will accept video performances from remote participants (although if you’re in the Los Angeles area, we’d love to physically put you on the stage)!

More info here. If you can’t submit something, we hope you’ll at least watch the show on the evening of April 26, either live in Los Angeles or livestreamed at Here’s the Facebook event!

I will tease you with this as well: everyone who’s able to attend the show in person will go home with a very special item that we’ll be unveiling the evening of.

Admission will be free, so if you can’t make it, send your Los Angeleno friends!

These Are ALL Their Stories

Brandon Bird has posted all of the pieces from the “These Are Their Stories” Law & Order-themed art show, including my very own (detail pictured above).

I particularly like “Sugar Daddy Suspected of Murder”, “A Rich Man And His Very Young Daughter Are Shot” and Brandon’s own “A Complicated Murder Case”.

The show is on display right now at Gallery Meltdown in Hollywood, but today is the last day!

We made a sign

For the book sale this weekend!

1506 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice CA 90291. Sat & Sun, 9-4 LIKE THE SIGN SAYS