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Check out: “8-Bit Jesus” chiptune Christmas music

This is a few years old, but I just happened across it the other day. Musician “Doctor Octoroc” has created a full album of Christmas music in the style of old video game themes. Tracks include “We Three Konami”, “Bubbles We Have Heard on Bobble” and my personal favorite, “Have Yourself a Final Little Fantasy”.

You can stream all 18 tracks from Doctor Octoroc’s website (click the box in the lower left), or get a bonus track as well if you buy the CD version.

It’s so easy to make horrible chiptunes that I’m really pleased to hear this one done super, super well! Happy holidays; if you have a few hours free this lazy weekend, maybe bust out the emulators and play a little Elevator Action.

A “Steam Trombone” FOLLOW-UP

In a comment left on the previous post about the steam trombone, reader Peter suggested further research in the NY Times archives regarding the incident in question. I was initially hesitant, because I love the perfect snapshot afforded by the irate editorial we examined — personally, I don’t need the context, I don’t need anything except the vivid picture my mind paints of this situation. The facts can only take me a small measure farther, and besides: what if they’re boring? Then the phenomenon of the steam trombone might be ruined for me forever.

Still, my curiosity got the better of me. If you would like to retain a pure-hearted conception of the steam trombone, read no further. If, however, you would like cold, hard facts regardless of the consequences, read on. I will warn you: it is not quite what I expected. (Full articles are at the links; emphases mine.)