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Machine of Death Volume 2 updates

For those keeping score at home, our second volume in the Machine of Death series, This is How You Die, is still scheduled to come out in July, premiering at the San Diego Comic-Con! We’re really excited for it. But in the interim, while we wait, Kris Straub and I have been working on something else: a Machine of Death card game!

It’s called Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination and it’s as wacky and ridiculous as the book is serious and reflective. I’ve been developing this game for over a year now, and I’m thrilled to announce that we’ll be launching a Kickstarter for it this week! It’s finally done and I’m excited for you to see it.

Also, over at the MOD site, I’ve just posted an interview that Kris conducted with Ryan North and me on the subject of This is How You Die. We talk a little about how we chose stories for the second book, as well as some of what we’re looking forward to about it. Here’s the link!

Machine of Death in Spanish & Italian!

After you helped make our book Machine of Death such a success, we were thrilled that some foreign publishers came knocking. And now, a little over a year since our book came out in English, the first two foreign editions are out!

More pictures and info on the MOD blog here: Italian book / Spanish book

This is so neat!!

MOD Magic show & canned food drive!

This Thursday, the 17th, is my Machine of Death magic & variety show in Hollywood! It’s totally free to attend, and in addition to magic, music, and entertainment we’ll also have fine friends Kris Straub, Kevin McShane and (via Skype) Ryan North on hand. More details here!

We’ll also be doing a canned food drive for the LA Food Bank at the event. Every donation of a unit of canned or nonperishable food (including canned meats such as tuna and staples such as peanut butter and cereals) will earn you a raffle ticket, and we’ll be giving out some cool MOD and Wondermark prizes at the event, including T-shirts, signed books and more.

More details at the MOD site here, or we also have a Facebook invite here! (updated with correct link)

The Super-Stupendous Machine of Death Magic & Variety Show
Thursday November 17th, 8pm
The Fake Gallery, Hollywood (4319 Melrose Ave, 90004).
Admission is free. Drinks and snacks will be served.

Hope to see you there! But even if you can’t make it in person, tune in to our livestream at on the night of the event. I declare that it will be…MAGICAL

THIS WEEK: Machine of Death game testing!

You may have heard that we’re developing some Machine of Death card games. If you haven’t heard — well, now you have! We are. And even better — I’m hosting some play-testing events at my studio here in West Los Angeles, and you’re invited! Come have some pizza and play card games with me!

The first two events will be TONIGHT, Tuesday September 13, and TOMORROW, Wednesday September 14, from 8-10pm. I know it’s short notice, but if you’d like to come, leave an RSVP on the Machine of Death site and I’ll be in touch with directions!

Each evening will be limited to eight people, so if there aren’t eight RSVP’d yet for the night you’d like to come — and you know you can make it — go ahead and sign up. (You can come both nights if you want! We’ll be playing different games each time.)

Now, if you’re not local, that’s okay. The MOD card games will be coming to other cities and the internet soon! We talk a little more about them here. And even if you can’t make it to a play-test event, there’s details at that link about how to, right now, (a) play a dice-based role-playing game I just invented and (b) fire up your arts-n-craftiness to make us a custom Machine of Death prediction card.

You see, the motto of the entire Machine of Death opus is, “Things to keep you busy.” If you do end up playing my dice game, “Hitman on a Budget,” let me know what you think!

Machine of Death Volume 2 submission stats!

It’s taken us a while, but we’ve finally entered all the data for the story submissions we received for the upcoming second volume of Machine of Death! I wrote up a bit about it for the MOD blog:

The final few days of submissions felt, for us, in a weird way just like October 26 of last year. The flurry of activity we witnessed on Twitter, on Facebook, and on blogs as you finished writing your stories was incredibly energizing.

It’s a wonderful feeling watching people become enthused and finding reward in the thing that you asked them to do. It makes us not want to have to turn anybody down for Volume 2! But we received 6,373,643 words of submissions — if we published all of it, it would be longer than all the Harry Potter books and all the Lord of the Rings books and all the Song of Ice and Fire books and all of Stephen King’s Dark Tower books put together. You guessed it — we’re having a very busy couple of months, reading all of this!

(Read more)

For more details and all kinds of stats on the final count, as well as some neat new things we need your help with (do you know how to set up and run an academic survey? We’d very much like to pick your brain or enlist your assistance!), check out the full blog post.

Congrats to everyone who sent in a story, or three! We’re reading furiously, and I gotta say, it’s super fun. You devil, you made me have fun!