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Automated Fiction Generator (updated!)


A kind Marksman named Nebu has informed me that, with respect to Wondermark #554 — The Electro-Plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre-Fiction Generator 2000 — the automated version that had once existed (created by a reader) now seems to, er, not exist.

So he made a new one! Thank you, Nebu!

Folks, just visit this link as many times as you like to generate a completely novel, utterly un-derivative piece of genre fiction each and every time. Guaranteed!

[The Automated Genre-Fiction Generator]

[The Genre-Fiction Generator as a 16 x 16″ Poster]

Better Olympic Narratives

Like lots of you perhaps, I’m watching bits of the Olympics, and it’s interesting to watch how the same basic narratives are played over and over in an attempt to add drama to the sports. Fundamentally, the Olympics is about world-class athletes competing with one another, so of course they’re all going to be dedicated, and the pride of their country.


i like twitter, twitter can be fun

Call me back, Charles

Call me back, Charles

IMPORTANT RECAP of the basketball team pick-times

If you missed the NBA draft last night, don’t worry! I watched all the drama unfold live, and have a handy recap for you right here.

Stuff to make you feel OLD!!

Here are a few facts to BLOW YOUR MIND if you want to feel OLD!!!

  • Latvia’s post-Cold War declaration of independence happened closer to the moon landing than the present day.
  • The release of New Coke happened closer to Alaska becoming a U.S. state than the present day.
  • The Bay of Pigs invasion happened closer to Mussolini’s assumption of power in Italy than to the capture of Saddam Hussein in his spider hole.
  • The Los Angeles Summer Olympics happened closer to the founding of the Republic of Bangladesh than to the release of Windows 98.
  • The premiere of the first film featuring Donald Duck happened closer to the present day than to the succession of King Johann to the throne of Saxony.
  • The Battle of Guadalcanal happened closer to the ratification of the Twenty-Third Amendment than to the birth of Russian lexicographer Vladimir Dal.
  • Venezuela’s declaration of independence from Spain happened closer to the same declaration by Paraguay than to the present day.
  • The formation of the universe happened closer to the Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary than the present day.
  • The succession of Osman III (1754–1757) as Ottoman Emperor, replacing Mahmud I, happened closer to John Flamsteed’s initial sighting of Uranus than to my graduation from high school.
  • The first flight of the Space Shuttle happened closer to the present day than to the Battle of Agincourt.

Ha ha, you’re OLD!!!