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Four New Good Things I’m Making

Here are FOUR different things I’m making this month!

••• FIRST •••

A short Kickstarter campaign for a new printing of my Multi-Purpose Greeting Cards!

The thing that’s different about this edition of the cards is that we’re packaging them in these super cool foil-stamped stationery boxes:

yes they are really that shiny

These boxes have no labels or branding…so, once you use up the cards, keep the boxes and use ’em for something cool!!

We’ve already past 45,000% of our funding goal so I am very excited. I even doubled the goal from the last project!!

Multi-Purpose, All-Occasion Greeting Cards on Kickstarter

••• SECOND •••

By popular request, and just in time for Thanksgiving: a new Turctopus T-shirt!

mmm, rubbery

“Sailors have long known the legend of the mysterious turctopus. Many a mug of grog has overheard tales of the ‘waddle in the waves’.

“The beast was swift – feathery – enough to feed a family of eight – and best of all: it came pre-brined.”

Turctopus: Everybody Gets a Drumstick on Teespring

••• THIRD •••

If you don’t want a NEW shirt but would rather revisit some of my OLD ones, I’m pleased to announce another wave of reprints & reissues at T-shirt Diplomacy!

pretty good stuff pretty good stuff

Some of these were only different things, before — stickers, or sweatshirts, or aprons, or stickers, or stickers. Others started their lives in different styles or colors.

For the past span of time they’ve been in the Disney Vault, or whatever. Now, a new generation of shirts emerges from the gloom and takes their place in the sun.

This reissue series includes, by popular request, “Everything is Fine”:

everything is just great

Reissued Wondermark shirts on T-shirt Diplomacy

••• FOURTH •••

I sure do like making “stuff,” but I know not everybody needs, or wants, more “stuff.” So, I have a Patreon, too.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet — suggestions are welcome! — but one thing I did do, today, was post a special bargain deal on greeting cards exclusively for Patreon supporters (“patreonauts”).

The stuff I do on this website will always be free — that’s my promise.

But if you are so inclined, by using Patreon, I’m able to set my hat gently out on the sidewalk in front of me. Patreon enables folks like you to chip in a tiny amount — just a buck or two a month, from multiple folks, goes a long way.

I’m very grateful to the people who’ve tossed a few coins into the Patreon bucket and become WONDERMARK WINNER’S CIRCLE MEMBERS! That is a term (and a status) I just made up, but it is absolutely how I feel about all of you.

Support Fun Things for Nice People on Patreon

Look at that! Some great stuff. It’s amazing, when you look at it all! Just put your hands on your hips and take it all in.

FINAL, OBLIGATORY REMINDER: I’m in Austin this weekend!



I have a new shirt at TopatoCo! The pen is mightier etc etc.

If you order this week, you can even choose your color shirt (and help choose which color we keep for the production run). But the different color options are available for 5 days only!

While you’re at TopatoCo, you can also feel free to grab one of the new Wondermark jigsaw puzzles! There are three big ones plus a small one of my kittycat.


And also there are these phone wallets! They have little pockets for credit cards & stuff. I forget if I ever mentioned them!!

ring ring


New at T-Shirt Diplomacy: Snake Coil! Sea Lions! Sarcasm!


Hey I’ve got some cool new shirts up at T-shirt Diplomacy!

A lot of people asked for a Snake Coil logo (based on last week’s comic, of course), so here you go!


Also! Sarcasm shirts are back, both in original color Midnight Blast and newly minted Cool Arctic Breeze. All shirt colors are now named after deodorant flavors.

The Sarcasm shirt was kind of inspired by this comic I guess! For extra credit: there is also this comic and this comic.


Finally! Our pal the sea lion is back and HE’S BROUGHT BACKUP. Visit the lovely, fang-torn Piranhamoose Republic today.

I never used to like making black shirts, but I have been cured of that aversion. That said: One cool thing about T-shirt Diplomacy is that they’ll do custom prints of any shirt on a different color/brand, if you want. Costs a few bucks extra, but then you get to Have It Your Way™!

This week we are FINISHING shipping out our Wondermark jigsaw puzzles! That means, if you’ve been gnawing your fingernails to nubs waiting for your chance to get one, THAT TIME IS NIGH. Next week, over at TopatoCo! I’ll make a suitably loud noise!

Introducing: T-Shirt Diplomacy

I’m pleased to announce that several of my older, out-of-print T-shirt designs are once again available!

I’ve still got lots of great stuff up at TopatoCo. But these reprints are being offered through a new site: T-shirt Diplomacy.


I’ve also got some new ones, too: the Piranhamoose Emblem (previously only a sticker):


A handsome new redesign on International Fraternal Corps of Bears in Ill-Fitting Hats:

ursi, et petasi

And this guy, Vaudeville Dinosaur, whom we tried to Teespring a while back but couldn’t save from going extinct. Now, those of you who love him as much I do can have him!


Also available, and pictured at the top of this post are the Bibliophibian shirts (now in light blue as well as navy).

I’m hoping to revisit several more of my older designs soon, and I’ll consider revisiting compositions or colors. For example, Steam Powered Heart, one of my favorite designs, is now available on black — and without any text, which I think is a classy look.

But why not keep some old styles too? So I’m offering Ninjas on Unicycles 2008 (the original style, on navy) and a new Ninjas 2015 (on black, with text).

So what is T-shirt Diplomacy?

Peace Through Commerce

A while back, I was emailed out of the blue by someone named “Ambassador Xog”. It was a very vague invitation to some sort of “cultural exchange”, but they wanted to license some old T-shirt designs from me for reprint purposes, so, sure, I was game.

Now, their site has launched! (There’s a tumblr too.) A bunch of my cartoonist colleagues are on there as well, like Ryan North, Kris Straub, Chris Hastings, and Sam Logan, with what I recognize as reprint designs, like my own.

And then there’s…the other artists?

I’ll be honest: these artists seem to be having a hard time grasping the nuances of pop culture. Some of their designs make no sense. Others are clever but pointless. Still others are impenetrable.

The about page raises more questions than it answers:

T-shirt Diplomacy is the first-ever intergalactic casual-apparel website.

In March 1977, the famous T-shirt Accords, a treaty between Earth and over 100 alien races from across the Nine Galaxies, laid the groundwork for the peaceful and mutually beneficial trade across the stars that we enjoy today.

Signed simultaneously in Oslo, on Earth, and Hrasbvakchar, in the Greater Chakpasadts, the T-shirt Accords represent the belief by all sentient beings that the best way for humanity and alienkind to learn and benefit from one another is via a joint commercial venture selling imprinted casual garmentwear…

I guess I am glad to be a commerce pioneer. I do recommend browsing the site, it’s pretty entertaining. The T-shirts don’t seem to be the generic pop culture stuff that clogs those dime-a-dozen “geek” sites.

I wish these clearly very inspired creators all the best of luck with their very strange project — I’m actually kind of curious what weird designs they’ll come up with next?

But in the meantime, you can also buy shirts from me!


Multi-Purpose Holiday Cards! And Other New, Nice Things


I have a bunch of new stuff in my store! First:


I’ve released some new funny holiday cards each year — there are now dozens of designs available! — and I’m pleased to add these new ones to the mix: six different MULTI-PURPOSE HOLIDAY CARDS.

whatever you need. we got it.

You can read all of the different designs here!

These cards are available singly, or packs. And of course all the other cards are still available, too.

please, take my card



I have two big stacks of shirts sitting in my office — ones that I’ve overstocked, and have too many of (including a few designs by Kris Straub); and various factory seconds (misprints, defects, etc.) that shouldn’t be sold for full price.

Both are now on sale for cheap! Quantities and sizes are limited to just whatever I have. (Of course my regular stock of shirts remains available, over at TopatoCo.)


Oh and hey the sea lion shirt came back, too! Due to continued orders, TeeSpring reactivated it for another few weeks. SWEET



There are just a few paintings left from the Gaxian Almanac (the Wondermark calendar from a few years ago)! These watercolors are matted and mounted. Ready to be framed, OR WHATEVER YOU WANT.



I found this stack of prints left over from a 2010 gallery show! The mats are a little dinged up, but they are all really lovely oversized prints that would look good on the wall of someone who doesn’t care that the mats are a little dinged up.

There’s just 10 of these guys! (Sorry, I can’t ship these out of the US; I doubt they would make it safely.) Take ’em home!


sounds reasonable

Just what it says on the tin! Also, these do not come in a tin. They are coloring books.


Is currently being worked on.

I don’t want to open pre-orders until it’s a little farther along! But it’s gonna be really cool. This guy is involved:

rock that 'tar

Feel free to order other stuff now — I’ll announce the calendar in a bit.