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I have a new shirt for sale! It is probably the most “Dad” shirt I have ever designed:

It is available for one week on TeeSpring, which offers it in a variety of colors (black, navy, asphalt, forest, etc).

They also offer it as a hoodie, and also as a sticker of some sort!

TeeSpring asked me what genre shirt this was, and one of the suggested categories was “Father’s Day Sweatshirts,” and, naturally, I clicked Yes.

It’s good for everyone though! Dads don’t get to hog ALL the cool shirts. Anyone can wear a Dad Shirt and do some dad cosplay.

[BEING RESPONSIBLE shirt / hoodie / sticker on TeeSpring]

Wondermark Valentine Cards!

I always forget to mention this early enough, but a reminder that Wondermark Valentine cards are available!

I’m not sure how long they take to ship outside the U.S., but within the U.S. there is definitely plenty of time to order them and receive them before February 14th. (Updated on 2/12 to add: If you live in Southern California.)

Just in case you’re interested! No new designs this year, but the classics are great.

[ Wondermark Greeting Cards ]

SECOND LOOK at the 2018 Wondermark calendar!

Here’s another look at some of the characters featured in the 2018 Wondermark Calendar! Those are the Brothers Santarelli there, Leopolt and Drachma, and their father, the patriarch, Edouard Santarelli.

The calendar follows them through some quite dramatic events!! I don’t want to show TOO much more, because SPOILERS.

Updated to addPlease note: calendar orders will not ship until January. The printer has been working on tamping down this thing’s EXTRA GOOD CONTENT and it will not be ready before I leave town for Christmas! I’ll get out everyone’s orders as quickly as possible upon my return.

I was a later than usual getting the calendar on sale this year, so I expect we’ll still be selling them in the first week or two of January!

[ The 2018 Wondermark Calendar ]

Announcing The 2018 Wondermark Calendar!

Here’s our first look at the 2018 Wondermark CalendarSantarelli & Sons Expert Thingsmiths’ Catalog of Contraptions!

The calendar is chock-full of important information about the finest contrivances and apparatusi ever devised. Truly, A TOOL FOR EVERY ILL.

Here are some things we can say about this year’s Wondermark Calendar FOR SURE:

• It is compatible with any previous year’s stands, so if you already have one, you don’t need a new one!

• However, this year’s stand features an all-new design (pictured), unique to this year.

• All calendars will ship with a new, exclusive Wondermark Cast Card featuring famed proprietor and expert thingsmith Edouardo Santarelli.

• Calendar patrons of five years or more are ALSO eligible for a “Calendar Ace” Cast Card -– just let us know, in the Special Instructions box at checkout, that you qualify.

The “Magnet Kit” option listed above is a set of five little framed magnets, similar in style to our Mini Buddies but in Wondermark comic-themed designs. It’ll be something like the pictured mockup below.

If you order other things at the same time (i.e. holiday cardsstickers, or wooden magnets), everything will ship all at once, so if you want the other stuff sooner, please place a separate order, which will ship right away.

If you DON’T NEED your calendar by Christmas, feel free to tell us “No Rush” in the Special Instructions box. We’ll put your order at the back of the shipping queue so we can get the gift orders out first. When we DO ship your order, we’ll include a little something extra as a thank-you! (No Rush orders will ship at latest by early January.)

[ The 2018 Wondermark Calendar ]

New Wondermark holiday card for 2017!

There’s a new Wondermark holiday card this year! It is based on comic #779, “The Breakthrough”.

(Click for a closer look.)

It joins the many other Wondermark holiday cards currently up in my store, which you can order in sets large and small:

Also available are stickers, wooden magnets, and puzzles!

Finally, while I have no pictures or information yet available about the 2018 Wondermark limited-edition calendar, it is now available for pre-order, if you already know you want it.

Over at my TopatoCo store, I have a lot of T-shirts, books, and other nonsense! Did you know you can also order a large, handsome print of any Wondermark comic? It sounds impossible, but it’s true, thanks to TECHNOLOGY.

The time to order from TopatoCo is now; they are always busy as heck this time of year. Here is their list of ordering deadlines for guaranteed by-Christmas delivery.

We have one day remaining over on Kickstarter for the Wall Buddies project! It’s not mentioned on the project page, but I’m confirming it here: if you back the project, it will ship with a Wondermark Cast Card that commemorates that campaign in particular. Update: The funding period has ended, hooray! Soon, we’ll get to work making Wall Buddies!

Finally, over on Patreon I’ve written a third installment for my Archive Dive series, declaiming at ridiculous navel-gazing length about individual Wondermark comics from the archives. This one’s called Five Wondermarks that Foresaw the Future and it’s a real roller coaster of emotions! (This particular post is free to read for everyone, not just patrons.)