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Interview: “Words and Pictures”

Here’s an interview I did some time ago that’s only been published recently — it’s a long piece with the Portland, Oregon public-radio program “Words and Pictures.” I talk about some of the historical precendents for the type of work that I do, and also dramatically re-enact some of the material from my book Beards of our Forefathers.

In a separate episode, the program also spoke with Nicholas Gurewitch of The Perry Bible Fellowship; that interview’s here!

Two new interviews

Two more interviews to report today. One’s with Tom Spurgeon, and in it I say:

“…Comic strips were far more formative than comic books. Looking at both industries today, from the perspective of an adult in their midst, I’m utterly baffled that the two media even share a common term — “comics.” I don’t think they could be more different.”

Then there’s the one with Geoff Hoppe, in which I say:

“Not many people know that behind the Dark Horse publishing empire there actually is a literal dark horse. He is a swarthy stallion named Morton.”

Audio interview with Comixology

Here’s a new audio interview I did with the website It’s one of the more comprehensive interviews I’ve done to date, talking a lot about the genesis of the strip and some of my earlier projects in addition to the familiar interview chestnuts.

Heroes Con panel discussion

There’s audio of our Heroes Con panel discussion on webcomics up at Dollar Bin. Moderator Tom Spurgeon speaks with me, Nick Gurewitch, Chris Harding, Danielle Corsetto, and Julia Wertz.

Interview: RagingCheetah

Alan Shih from has published an interview with me conducted at the Wizard World show last month. I’m trying to get better at giving different answers in interviews, because I know diehard Wonder Women and Marksmen* aren’t really interested in reading the same old things over and over, but it’s not always easy on the convention floor when all day long I am giving an identical pitch to everyone who approaches the table.

From from now on I insist that all interviews with me be run through Babelfish half a dozen times prior to publication, and any errors that creep into the text as it flounders through six languages and back will become official Wondermark canon.

* get it