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Some Images From the 2015 Calendar


The 2015 calendar is off to print! I’m really proud of it!! (Click these images for a closer look) UPDATE: It’s sold out!


I drew 29 pictures of weird orchestra members, and my regular collaborator Max Shepard has painted them. They look pretty sweet. And of course there is a story too — the terrible, forgotten legend of the Concert of Conscience.


If you’re not familiar, the annual calendar is a tradition around here. It started way back in December 2007 when I decided I wanted to make a calendar, and because calendars are only really useful for a short time, I figured I’d make it limited-edition (and thus SUPER FANCY).


The 2008-2012 calendars were hand-screenprinted; then, for the 2013 edition, I changed over to the hook-based, two-cards-up “progressive” design, and a watercolor aesthetic.


As of this writing, only 82 calendars remain (of the limited run of 250). All calendars are individually signed & numbered. We expect to start shipping them within 7 days. Get yours now!

Over at my TopatoCo store I’ve got a bunch of rad stuff too, including this new mug:



Based, of course, on this classic comic about drug addiction.

TopatoCo has a million packages a minute moving through their hands, so they have set up a series of very precise shipping deadlines worth taking a look at!

Over at my in-house store (where we sell the greeting cards and calendars and stuff), we’ll be accepting orders through December 19 before shutting down for the holidays.

I can’t personally 100% guarantee anything will arrive before Christmas because the post office is bananas, but we are definitely shipping as fast as we can and hoping for the best!

I hope we got some stuff you want

Comic-Con Roll-a-Sketches!

Here are just a few of the over 50 (!!!!) Roll-a-Sketches I did at Comic-Con this year!

The dedicated Roll-a-Sketch blog, by the way, now has its own URL: These new ones will be added to the queue and will probably be seen there sometime in early 2016.



CONFIDENTIAL TO ALEX G.M.: Email me and I’ll mail your drawing to you!











Roll-a-Sketch Postcards


I’ve made postcard versions of some of my favorite Roll-a-Sketch characters! They each feature a full-color illustration on the front, and biographical information on the back. The postcards are available in a set of 12, or if you want just a couple, that’s cool too!

You can also mix & match postcards with greeting cards — say, order a 3-pack of either, but then indicate (via the instructions box at checkout) that you want 1 greeting card + 2 postcards, and tell me which ones. No problem!! YOU THE BOSS

Roll-a-Sketch Drawings For Fun

Have you been seeing the daily Roll-a-Sketch drawings on Tumblr and/or Facebook?? It’s okay, the question is rhetorical.

I’m so excited that you finally get to see SAMURAI + ELEPHANT + SHEEP + HELICOPTER:



One or the other for sure!!

And of course the adorable duo, KITTEN + VICTORIAN + ROBOT + RHINO:

Every Wednesday at four on the dot

One new drawing every single day! On Tumblr and Facebook!

OBLIGATORY REMINDER: Four days remain on the latest Gaxian paintings! The last one ended at $100, so these are still…very good deals.

More original Gaxian Almanac paintings!

Many thanks to Eric from Toronto who won the last auction for an original piece of Gaxian art! I have just put up three more paintings for your perusal, enjoyment, and potential ownership:

ON FASHION: “An older Gaxian in an ostentatious mood might cloak herself in a ten-meter tower of shimmering ‘velvet’…”


ON DEATH: “A Gaxian who has died is a Gaxian who has found a new existence in the digestive systems of his or her closest broodmates and hivefellows…”


ON BICYCLING: “…Well-known for her ascent via fixie of the Simmering Volcano and subsequent claiming from its lava-choked core the ancient and priceless Blackened Skull of Argaxia…”


As before, each auction starts at just 99¢. You can also click through if you just want to read the captions!

After this batch, I will have two more batches, likewise of three paintings each. Then, that will be the end of this collection! Everyone will be happy, forever.

Check Out: NEW Roll-a-Sketch Daily Blog! And a DANCING DINOSAUR

it's true

Good news, everyone! I’ve created a repository of Roll-a-Sketch drawings on the Internet!!

I love doing randomly-generated Roll-a-Sketch drawings for fine people like you. As you’ve probably seen, I post a few examples after each convention, but at any given event I’ve usually drawn many, many more than just those. Over the past few years I’ve drawn hundreds of fantastic chimeric creatures, and only a small percentage have been posted here.

So I’ve set up a new daily blog just to showcase these drawings! You can follow along at: or

This is also a great time to recap the various things I do, and the various ways you can follow along if you like:

• My personal Twitter is @malki and I usually mention all the various things I’m working on! I also tell JOKES and post pictures of my CATS

• My personal Tumblr is and I post interesting stuff there sometimes too!

• I have a Vine account too — — which I use ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY for conversations with my adorable kitties

• For Wondermark comics, you can come to the site directly (of course), or you can subscribe via RSS, the Twitter account @wondermarkfeed, or daily email delivery — all of those mirror every post that appears on this site. There’s a LiveJournal feed too, if you still have that.

• I post every comic on the Wondermark Facebook page too, but Facebook is underhanded: they only display page content to a small fraction of subscribers, because they want to get page owners to buy advertising and pay to promote their posts. It’s a dirty trick! So just be aware that if you follow along on Facebook, you may not always be seeing everything.

• Of course, I also collaborate with Ryan North on our ongoing Bookwar, and over at Machine of Death, the retail release of our card game grows ever closer.




I drew a dinosaur dancing vaudeville! You can read more about why I did this, here.

It was a little sketch in a notebook that I liked enough to turn it into a shirt, which is available on TeeSpring now — it’ll be available for pre-order for two weeks, and if we hit the order threshold (45 copies), it’ll be printed. If we don’t hit the threshold, it won’t! THE CHOICE…IS YOURS

So, if you’d like to bring this fun li’l guy into your life, pre-order a copy of the shirt right now!



Earlier this week, in my post about Artifacts From My Mom’s House, I showed a picture of jars and said they were spices used in making the beverage arak. My mom, the prolific correspondent, wrote me to clarify that the jars, in fact, contained various seeds, not spices.

Wondermark regrets the error.