Suggest a holiday for my 2012 Calendar

The first fifty or so 2012 Wondermark Calendars have already been spoken for!

I’m finishing up the verses now and hope to start printing the pages next week. It’s gonna be a beauty, I can tell you that right now.

But since the design’s not quite finalized yet, there’s still a chance to make some last-minute additions. So in the comments, suggest a holiday that you’d like to see on the 2012 Calendar. I’ll pick my favorite few from each month, and canonize them so that everyone who picks up one of the calendars will be sure to celebrate it in the coming year.

The calendars already include all the standard U.S. and Canadian calendar holidays, plus Wondermark’s birthday (April 25) and my own (September 21). Your suggested holidays should not:

– be the same date as any existing holiday (there isn’t space to print duplicate text on given days)

– be just your own birthday or anniversary or something

– be longer than a couple words

– be real

It should:

– Be short
– Be funny
– Include a brief explanation that I’ll archive here on the site for people to consult throughout the year.


“January 5, Poop-on-Cats-Day. This is when everybody gets back at their cats by holding them down and pooping on them. Traditionally followed by January 6, Wash-Your-Cats-Day, and January 7, Hospital Day.”

Except not that exactly BECAUSE NOW THAT’S TAKEN. Leave yours in the comments! UPDATE: Okay that’s it for now! I’ll post a roundup of my favorites soon. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

  • Eddie

    National Beard Appreciation Day – Celebrated on the last Saturday in March (March 31st in 2012). It is celebrated by proudly wearing one’s beard in public spaces. Those without beards are expected to provide food and refreshment to their bearded betters. Standing ovations for particularly spectacular specimens are considered a polite show of support. Shaving on National Beard Appreciation Day is considered very gauche.

  • Lobster

    June 22nd – Happy Aardvark Day! Most sacred holiday in the religion of Aardvarkinism. (Except for those heretics who call themselves the “Faith-Renewed Order of Reformed Aardvarkians”. They celebrate it on June 23rd. Sacrilegious!)

  • patg

    12/12/12 or as i like to call it. .0833333 day.

  • Alan M

    Nov. 30 — Indignation Day. That sweet spot between Thanksgiving and Christmas where you either a) have one last chance to be good and pissed at everything before getting in the holiday spirit; or b) get the opportunity to really ramp up your frustration at the annoying holiday spectacle that’ll be going on for the next month.

  • Shamgar

    March 29 – Guillotine Maintenance Day

  • Obidan

    November 30th – Beardsgiving.
    Celebrate the true start of the holiday season by surprising your bare-faced family members with new beards as they sleep! Keep it simple with permanent marker, or score bonus points with hobo shavings and super glue. After all, who DOESN’T want a luxurious santa beard in December?!?

  • Vorlauf

    April 27th – Festival of Janus (Orthodox Temporal Knights) ends at sundown

    April 29th – Festival of Janus (Orthodox Temporal Knights) begins at sundown

  • Jon

    August 17th: National Worf Appreciation Day. All citizens are encouraged to take a few minutes to appreciate Worf, who really doesn’t get enough recognition on Star Trek: The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine.

  • Stewart

    November 4th – Feast of St. Martin, patron saint of onomatopoeia. FWEET! BLOBBLE POIT! CHAKUNG CHAKA CHAKA CHAKA SPROINGACHONK!

  • Susan

    March 19 – National Viral Humming Day. Add to the joy of Monday by humming a tune just loudly enough that others hear it and ALSO being humming it. (Side note – viral humming works. This has been demonstrated repeatedly in the library where I work. I once infected a patron with “Darktown Strutter’s Ball”.)

  • Kinki

    April 20th – Fraptuous day: Where all cube farm employees shed their weighty shackles for 10 min of tap/break dancing on their desks at noon. Started in 1815 by St. James the wicked.

  • Aidan

    October 8th – Mars Day, dedicated to inspiring awareness for and appreciation of the Red Planet’s natural environment.

  • Gary

    The third Saturday of August- Tomorrow’s Eve.

    Celebrated before Tomorrow Day (or Today Day, as it is celebrated in Canada), people usually get together and make Tomorrow Day resolutions (go to the grocery store, finally clean the garage) and reminisce about the day past.

  • http://none nat


    its complicated, but it basically starts with Hanukkah, and ends with Jan 6. It is traditionally celebrated on December 31 with an all night party and presents at midnight.

    We have a wiki, we’re still in beta, but expect a roll out of the holiday in a season near you soon!

  • T. Scott Benefield, MD

    July 9: Millard Fillmore Day, last of the Whig presidents!
    Which leads to…
    July 10: Whig Day. Wherein everyone dons a barrister’s wig and opposes tyranny!

  • MerelyFlowers

    International Divide by Zero Day
    February 15th

    So she didn’t find your cleverly drawn graph-entine romantic, huh? There’s only one recourse. You know what to do. Godspeed.

  • fluffy

    Date-based calendar appreciation day: celebrated on the second-to-last Tuesday before the twenty-seventh Monday of years which are, in the Common Era of the Gregorian calendar, 4 times a prime number.

  • MerelyFlowers

    Defenestration Day
    July 30th

    It’s bothered you all summer long. It’s always there, grinding, whining, buzzing, or looming. The time has come to revolt. Take up arms! Raise the blinds! Shatter the pane! Grip the object of your hatred firmly in hand, then release it onto the world below in a scream of primal rage!

  • Josh

    February 30th – Double-Leap Day
    A day so rare it hasn’t occurred since 1712! Because it requires Time to leap twice, and it gets quite tired after the first one, usually. (So tired it takes four years to recover, if not more.)

    It’s not likely to happen in 2012 either, but we should include it in the hope that it will! We can celebrate its coming in the traditional way, by hopping around like mexican jumping beans all day!

  • Kathy G

    February 21- Feast of St. Flibbertigibbet- feast day of the young woman martyred for forcing others to “check out” her smartphone apps. Traditionally celebrated by arguing the merits of vampires vs. zombies with teenaged girls.

    June 18th- Good Day to YOU, Sir – All conversations end with the phrase “Good day to YOU, sir!” followed by the response “Harrumph!” Celebrants traditionally grow mustaches. Those with no facial hair have been know to clip a lock of hair and glue or tape it under their noses. Please note- monocles are no longer manditory.

  • Eph Zero

    August 7

    Merry Fishmas! We celebrate the miraculous return of the fish on August 7, having been presumably spirited away by The Great Heron some weeks prior.

  • Vardibidian

    For information about Bunny Day (26 January) see .


  • Drake

    May 21: Question Authority Day. A holiday which is rarely actually celebrated without consternation, as many argue that, in keeping with the spirit of the holiday, it would be better to reject the authority of the calender. Others then point out that one might as well also ignore the authority of the holiday itself. This usually leads to recursion and paralyzing doubt.

    December 7: Living in Infamy Day

    December 26: Battery Industry Appreciation Day. A holiday which is spent buying batteries for all those batteries-not-included toys the kids got for Christmas. Dang expensive kids.

    August 3: Greased Countertop Day. Set up the video camera, shave the cat, grease up the countertop, put something the cat wants up there, and film the magic as your shaved cat makes a leap for the treat, slides off, and tries to act like he still has dignity!

  • Stephen Sasse

    Lehman Day
    September 15
    On Lehman Day we celebrate the great contribution of the investment banking industry to the our communities’ well being. Too often we forget our great debt to these hardworking, modestly rewarded bankers. (Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on 15 September 2008)

  • June

    Feast of the Weremice (AUS); First Sunday in June.

  • Lovey

    Floozleday: Not a holiday per se, but rather the label on the squares not filled in in the calender. Need a day off? cut out one of your floozledays and put it in place of the current day, then call your boss. “No, of course I’m not coming in. it’s Floozleday. I’m not scheduled to work on Floozleday this week.”

  • yinch

    May 4th – Star Wars (dedicated to George “you’ll be hearing from my lawyers” Lucas) Day

  • SrPilha

    May 29th – Left of(f) Spring Day. We celebrate the premiere of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring by having it played and making such a ruckus that no one hears what’s going on anymore. It gets tougher every year as players are more and more able to play those repeated chords REALLY loud.

  • Craig L

    September 30th, James Dean Day. Anniversary of the car crash that took his life, resulting in the success in his movie “Rebel Without A Cause”, the existence of “9-30-55″ starring Richard Thomas, the deservedly bad reputation of California’s Highway 46 and Jimmy Dean becoming famous enough to employ the Muppet Rowlf on his TV show and go into the sausage business.

  • Mad Jack McMad

    Note- Lehman Day should not be confused with Jens Lehmann Day (Nov. 10). Celebrate the famously mad German goalkeeper by stamping on people’s feet, launching spittle-flecked tirades against referees, tripping Samuel Eto’o, and peeing in public.

  • Skylar English

    Thanksmas, First Saturday of December. Celebrate a mashup of Thanskgiving and Christmas with your friends because families are terrible and friends are better.

  • The Mock Turtle

    Library Day! June 20, or the closest Saturday.

    Library Day is celebrated by parading from house to house at dawn, gathering your friends, dressing in outlandish costumes and waving flags and noisemakers, and marching down the avenue to the local library. Following that, there is folk dancing by the information desk, maypole and morris teams included. Some communities do lion dances, but that custom is not yet universal. At noon, the librarians dish out ice cream, and everyone settles down with their favorite book.

  • david

    Lykynegius Day [alternate spelling: Lycynegius] (from the Ancient Greek lýkos meaning “wolf” and kynegia meaning “hunting” or “chasing”). This lunar holiday falls on the last full moon before Halloween (October 29 in 2012) and is traditionally celebrated through the hunting of werewolves, who use Halloween’s approach as a cover for making more frequent public appearances. This annual hunt is thought to greatly reduce the annual number of werewolf-related fatalities.

  • Charles Swinford

    Salami Day – September 7th

    Salami day celebrates meaty goodness in tubular form. Did you know that pepperoni is salami? It’s true! There are numerous salami-related traditions (hand-crafting salami favors) recipes (salami crisps) and games (bobbing for sausage), all of which are steeped in reverence and deliciousness.

    The holiday was invented in 2006 in Richmond, VA. It’s real, and it’s now celebrated in at least three states.

  • Charles Swinford


    I see that Salami Day is nicely timed to be enjoyed with Picklemas (towards the top of the comments):

    What a tasty holiday season!


    Carl Zetie
    December 2nd, 2011 at 8:28 am

    September 2: Picklemas. Celebration of the end of the pickle harvest. Traditional activities include the Pickle Festival, pickle rolling, and the charitable distribution of small jars of gherkins to families too poor to afford pickles of their own.

  • Brian D. Richard

    Feb 11th: 90 degree angle day. The day in which we celebrate all the myriad uses for 90 degree angles and thank the craftsman who toil endlessly bending, folding, molding, casting and otherwise fabricating that most important of angles.

    Remember kids! If it ain’t 90 it ain’t RIGHT.

  • mckenzee

    Robotmas! The most 42nd day of the year (February 11). Commemorating the first televised broadcast of a science fiction program, (R.U.R. by the BBC in 1938).
    A day to celebrate Robots in pop culture and in our lives.
    Celebrate Accordingly!

  • neoeo

    In northern latitudes, the Saturday of the week containing October 15 is Opening Day of Cuddle Season. Observants typically engage in pairwise physical adjacency, though larger assemblages are not frowned upon.

    The first Monday in April is New Toothbrush Day.
    It’s been a while. You need a new toothbrush.

    August 14—Breakup Day. Personal relationship not working out? Today’s the day to call it quits. By virtue of being antipodean to Valentine’s Day and three months out from the “family holidays” (Thanksgiving and Christmas), Breakup Day is the nadir of emotionality.

  • neoeo

    @Brian D. Richard
    If it’s 90 it’s right, but then again, it’s so square.

    EquiLat Day (first day of the 3rd month and 60th day of the year) is a *stronger* contender for the WM calendar, except for the fact that it coincides with Take a Flying Leap Day (February 29th) in 2012.

  • Mark

    March 11th: Awkward Breakfast Day – You what you did, and this is your punishment. Now finish up and get to work.

  • Justin Pierce

    August 5, 2012: International Beer Day. Or, as they refer to it in Milwaukee, “Sunday”.

  • April

    You can’t have a calendar without Festivus (Dec 23rd)! When else would you air your grievances and exhibit Feats of Strength?

  • Camille Goudeseune

    7/22. Pi Approximation Day.

  • Beth

    March 10th: Blood Letting Day- in which we celebrate by dotting our bodies with leeches. Followed by-
    March 11th: Lethargy Day

  • Purple Wyrm

    June 13th – Right to Arm Bears day. When encountering a bear on this date it is traditional to offer them any weapons one may have about one’s person (under the Mono Lake Accords of 1974 biological, nuclear, chemical and thermobaric weapons need not be offered, unless the carrier really wants to)

  • Tafkajp

    Day after Good Friday, Even Better Saturday!

    Day after Palm Sunday, Whole Hand Monday!

  • Whisperin’ Jimmy

    April 30 – Camerone Day, the sacred day of the French Foreign Legion, when the wooden hand of Captain Danjou is paraded in memory of the epic slaughter of 65 legionnaires during the invasion of Mexico. Because you are a guy who appreciates the “WTF??” of real life.

  • Whisperin’ Jimmy

    November 2: Plan Your Epitaph Day. Presumably because your children are both prosaic and hostile.

  • groverXIII

    October 4th: National Fucking Profanity Day. Use words normally regarded as profanity in your regular vocabulary, in a positive manner. Example: “Janet, these fucking muffins are goddamn delicious!”

  • Tylkowski

    February 8th: National Brodeo day. The day when all transportation is done by finding the nearest “Bro” and riding them like a horse. In celebration of the day that the intelligent rational population revolted against their tanned popped collared tormentors.