Prints and Posters.

We’re pleased to offer individual Wondermark comics as prints or posters! Every comic (except for the guest comics) is available, but sizes may differ depending on the size and shape of the comic. Here’s how it works:

POSTERS look like this:

Prints and Posters

Only the bigger comics are available as posters. The rule of thumb is that any comic taller than it is wide will be a poster. In addition, comic #463 (the Back to the Future parody, upper right in the image above) is also a poster, because of all its special little after-bits.

Posters start at 16″ x 16″ and get taller as necessary (up to 16″ x 24″).
The price starts at $16 and goes up a bit for the giant ones.

The comics that are available as posters are:

#463; In which the Future is Saved
#487; In which One has to Wonder
#511; In which a Flight is taken
#517; In which a Break For It is made
#538; In which Pipes continue to leak
#545; In which it Keeps Going
#546; Captain Pike’s Final Wish
#550; In which Salvation is summoned
#553; In which a Study is stymied
#554; The Fiction Generator
#566; Supernatural Collective Nouns
#569; In which Bees converse
#594; Four Score and Seven Seals
#617; A Day of Earnest Efforts
#625; In which the Train thunders on
#670-674; The Matter of the Envelopes
The Tinkerer’s Rules
#770; Race to the Top
#804-806; The Complete Maltheism
#863; The Great Taco Debate
The Zoological Times Table

Every comic besides those is a PRINT. Prints look like this:

Prints and Posters

Most prints are 15.5″ x 8.6″, except for the ones with two rows of panels, which are 16″ x 12″. A few are even in COLOR as a special bonus, although I’m not telling which! All prints are $14.

TO ORDER A POSTERclick here or on the poster image above, and choose the poster you want from the drop-down menu.

TO ORDER A PRINTclick here or on the print image above, and paste the URL or episode number of the comic you want a print of.

IMPORTANT: If you try to order a PRINT of a comic that is only available as a POSTER, you are going to make problems for yourself, me, and the nice people at TopatoCo who are just trying to do their jobs. We will curse you, and you will be able to feel it even from miles away. Please take ten seconds and make sure you are ordering the correct thing.

That’s all there is to it! It’s a little complex, but so is life. Thanks!

P.S. For every four comic prints or posters in the same order, you’ll save $5!

P.P.S. Also, check out our other, non-comic posters (each is 18″ x 24″) —

Prints and Posters

Prints and Posters