Greeting cards back in stock

and it was good

Just a quick note to say that the very popular “Shepherds” holiday cards, which were sold out at TopatoCo for a while, are now back and in style!


  1. Matt

    Any chance the other out of stock designs will return? I’d like some of the mall ones….Also, is there any way to buy a sampler (say…2 or 3 of each design)?

  2. David Malki !

    Wow, those went quick! They’ll be reprinted as well, hopefully quickly.

  3. David Malki !

    Oh and unfortunately samplers are not available at TopatoCo. Sorry!

  4. Laura

    Any news on those calendars?

  5. Jade

    I hope the others come back soon too. The Hobo Santa ones are hilarious and I actually know people who wouldn’t WTF upon reading them. 🙂

  6. Steve

    Oh yay. Was waiting for this. Just ordered a set of the Shepherds, thanks!

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