Greeting cards back in stock

and it was good

Just a quick note to say that the very popular “Shepherds” holiday cards, which were sold out at TopatoCo for a while, are now back and in style!

  • Matt

    Any chance the other out of stock designs will return? I’d like some of the mall ones….Also, is there any way to buy a sampler (say…2 or 3 of each design)?

  • Wow, those went quick! They’ll be reprinted as well, hopefully quickly.

  • Oh and unfortunately samplers are not available at TopatoCo. Sorry!

  • Laura

    Any news on those calendars?

  • Jade

    I hope the others come back soon too. The Hobo Santa ones are hilarious and I actually know people who wouldn’t WTF upon reading them. 🙂

  • Oh yay. Was waiting for this. Just ordered a set of the Shepherds, thanks!