Final obligatory reminder

Reposted: Today, August 14, is the last day to get signed comic prints and/or signed books from me (probably not forever, but for quite a while at least)! UPDATE: TOO LATE

There. Now I said it. Nobody can say they missed it. IT IS THERE FOR ALL TO SEE. Thanks to everyone who’s bought prints and books this week; we’re shipping as fast as we can!

  • Chris

    Had I been here yesterday I would’ve been interested in going sending a late request using a stamp from the APC, but alas I was not. I’ll have to find another way to send you money.

  • Chris

    Pardon the grammar, please! 🙂

  • Paul in NJ

    Just so we’re clear, what’s the last day to get signed comic prints and/or signed books from you? Is it too late now? (In which a Commenter invites Retaliation)

  • Jeremy

    Hey, I just came to your website and I really like your strip. Any way I can get a signed print for my personal records? I think I read something on the main page about it, but I’m not that great of a reader. I hope you don’t break my heart by telling me you won’t do this for me. Thanks so much.


    Your new biggest fan.

  • Nolan

    Well, now that I can’t have one, I want one. Time to get my grump on!

  • Paul in NJ

    Ha! Ha! I pwned Jeremy, since I’d already ordered my four signed strips. (In which Jeremy has been Had.)

  • Adam

    Once I found out I couldn’t get one, I ordered four. Malki ! is a savvy marketer.
    (In which Adam does his Christmas shopping Absurdly Early.)