December intern wanted

if you are this cute YOU AUTOMATICALLY GET THE JOB

Thanks very much to the many bloggers & librarians who participated in The Thanksgiving Project! Submissions are closed as of Monday midnight. I will be reviewing everything and making the final determinations probably later this week or early next. It’s been a treat to see folks participate; thanks very much for all the kind mentions and for the nice notes as well!

Now then: Moving into the holiday season, I would love to bring in someone to help out around the office and also show the ropes of entrepreneurism. You can read the requirements for my previous (summer) internship position; it’s pretty much the same again, except only through December (and maybe January), and ideally two or three days a week for the next few weeks. Meals will be provided and even some free merch too!

If you’re interested, email me (dave at wondermark dot com) as soon as possible; I got a lot of work to do this month so I want to get this process started. EDIT: I’ve found someone! Thanks to the folks who emailed.


  1. michi

    Oh man wouldn’t that be fun — could probably pick up tips for my own webcomic. Too bad I am stuck in Australia til July! I hope you find someone who is nearly as clever as you and even more delightful 😀

  2. trini

    Dammit, why can’t you be in NorCal?

  3. Emily

    *sheds a single, cold tear*


  4. eric

    Uhhh, “I am Richard Widmark”?

    (cf. Viva Max

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