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New holiday card! Bear with a barrel!

Here’s a brand-new holiday card! I have titled it “Barrel”:

Over at the ol’ Wondermark greeting card shop, you can choose from forty-six different designs. Holy moly! Forty-six! I hadn’t counted in a while!

Kickstarter orders for the cool boxed sets will start going out very shortly. In the meantime, if you’re not waiting on that, feel free to browse our full selection of cards, and pick up any that suit you! You can order as few as three cards (or as many as a million, I guess?).

I’ve got a fair number of the holiday-specific cards in stock, but not a ton… I won’t be ordering a restock, I don’t think (too much to do this month, between the Kickstarter and the calendar!), so once we’re out of stock for a given design, that’ll be it for the season.

So if you’re interested in grabbing some cards this year, my advice is not to delay!

The Force Awakens – Early leaked soundtrack??

I found this imported Force Awakens soundtrack CD at the Virgin Megastore and dude, I… I just don’t know if this movie will be any good

(Click the image for a closer look) this real??

Notes: Over the weekend, this image became my most popular post ever on Tumblr. And, to answer a few common questions:

Yes, I made it. Thanks to Nerdist for giving me proper credit!

Yes, it is fake, so it’s not a spoiler (at least not on purpose). I, uh, thought that would be obvious when I made it a CD.

What to Expect in the Next Few Weeks!

selfie time

Of course, as you knew I would mention, it’s the last day to jump onto the Multi-Purpose Cards Kickstarter! Many, many thanks to everyone who’s pledged — it’s really, truly gone far better than I could have hoped, and now I have to sit down and make a bunch of commemorative plaques for everyone.

Outside the Kickstarter, those cards are also available in my own shop, along with my whole suite of (single-occasion) greeting cards! If you order the (same) cards there in the future, you’ll even get the sweet boxes, once we have them. BUT, you WON’T get a commemorative plaque with your order, as that’s a Kickstarter exclusive. So, you know, CHOOSE WISELY.

Completely aside from the Kickstarter: I like to make at least one new holiday card design each year, and this year I have a new one at the printer now! It’ll be available in the shop next week.

Here’s a timeline of cool stuff going on over the next month or so!!

THIS COMING MONDAY: My comedy team The Audience (pictured above) will be performing in Westside Comedy Theater’s annual month-long House Team Tournament! We do longform improv — meaning, it’s sort of a made-up one-act play. Last year, we came in second place in the tournament… This year, maybe we can do better???

Audience voting makes up part of the decision, so if you’re in the Los Angeles area, come on out! The night starts with two shows at 8pm, and then my team performs in the 9pm hour. You can show up at 9, but if the house is full you might not get in!

Admission is free and there is no drink minimum. Westside Comedy Theater, Santa Monica, CA!

NEXT WEEK: This year’s new holiday card design will be added to the shop! (Of course, if you don’t want to wait, you can also browse the existing holiday cards right now.) Also, next week Kickstarter surveys will go out, just as soon as Kickstarter finishes processing all the pledges.

THE WEEK AFTER THAT: The 2016 Wondermark Calendar goes up for pre-order! The ship date will likely be in early- or mid-December, so don’t combine that order with holiday cards if you don’t want to get your cards late. Kickstarter card orders will probably start shipping around this week as well — certainly, before Thanksgiving.

If all those commemorative plaques get finished, that is! Did you know each tiny plaque requires eight steps of assembly? I am not a smart man and I make lots of dumb promises.

Here is a Mini Commemorative Plaque I Made

Only a couple of days remain on the Multi-Purpose Cards Kickstarter. We’ve done so well; I’m very excited! This will be my penultimate post about it, I think.

In these last couple of days, I’ve tried to think of some other way to show my appreciation for your support, and here’s what I came up with…

Every shipment of physical goods will include a free Wondermark “Cast Card”, which will be a tiny plaque commemorating this campaign in particular. It’s a souvenir of the fun time we’ve had here, a memento emptor, and there’ll be a little kickstand included, so it can sit on your desk and bring you cheer.

The below are mockup images, but as you can tell, they will feature FANCY GOLD FOIL (click the pictures for a closer look):


There’s a whole chart of our buddy’s vital stats on the back too, but I’ll let that side remain a HIDDEN MYSTERY for now.

bawwwkk bawwkk bok bok

One card will be included FREE in every single physical goods order, and these specific cards will never be issued again, after this campaign.

If that sort of thing interests you, well, I hope you like it!!

[ Multi-Purpose Cards: 3 days remain! ]

The Sexy Complete Works of Arthur Conan Doyle

she's mighty mighty, lettin it all hang out in the rain without any gruel

Last Halloween I posted a comic featuring the above character, Plabecca, in costume as the Sexy Complete Works of Dickens.

This Halloween, reader Jen created her own version of this costume — with the complete works of Conan Doyle.

Here’s some shots she posted to Instagram! (1, 2)

Super cool!! Nice work, Jen!!

Myself? I was a “stalker”.

OBLIGATORY REMINDER: Four days remain on the Multi-Purpose Cards Kickstarter campaign!

I mean, you’ll be able to get them later, too… BUT WILL YOU THINK TO?? Stock up now!!