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Best comedy sketches from The Late Live Show

I was very sad to hear of the passing last week of comedian Dan Ronan. If you’ve never seen him perform, here’s one of his hilarious characters for Chicago’s The Late Live Show: 40-year veteran cartoonist “Tim Negoda”:

This entire video series of character monologues from The Late Live Show is wonderful and well worth your time. Two others of my favorites are Janelle Otter, Angel Expert and Young Adult Author Roxann Darb.

Custom shirts for teams and events!


I received a note the other day from reader Christen W., who mentioned that she and her husband and some friends were going to do a mud run, and were interested in calling their team “Ninjas on Unicycles” (after this comic strip about defending one’s thesis).

One thing that I often do, but don’t mention much, is prepare custom batches of shirts for teams, organizations, or events!

In this case, Christen made reference to an older T-shirt I used to offer, which featured an illustration of a ninja riding a unicycle. I whipped up a batch on Safety Orange for their happy mud gang, pictured above!


If you’re interested in a custom batch of shirts, the minimum quantity is 15. I am happy to work in your team or group name and logo, and/or something from a particular comic, and/or an adaptation of one of my existing shirts.

Feel free to email me (dave at wondermark dot com) and I’d be pleased to give you a quote!

Original Gaxian watercolor for auction


Last year’s Wondermark Calendar, The Gaxian Almanac, featured 29 original illustrations of Gaxians (drawn by me, watercolored by Max Loren Shepard), exploring their unique and terrible way of life!

I’ve matted this particular one with an acetate overlay (featuring the text from the calendar page) and I am now offering it on eBay starting at just 99¢.

(Click any image for bigger.)


I had a lot of fun offering these originals to interested readers last Christmas, so I’m keen to share more of them. I have a handful of different paintings left from the calendar…but of course each is original and the only one of its kind.


Bid early, bid often! Enjoy!


Oh and if Gaxian paintings are not quite your style, I also have a severely water-damaged 1977 MGB manual if you want that. Maybe just for the cool textures??


Things Adults Do – a Twitter investigation

One thing I forgot to mention in the “What I’m doing roundup” last week was my dumb twitter account Things Adults Do.

It’s simple: I find people saying “I am an adult”, and I retweet them. Over time, this paints a comprehensive (and, may I say, delightful) picture of Things Adults Do.

Some examples:

Follow along at @adults_do!

Check Out: NEW Roll-a-Sketch Daily Blog! And a DANCING DINOSAUR

it's true

Good news, everyone! I’ve created a repository of Roll-a-Sketch drawings on the Internet!!

I love doing randomly-generated Roll-a-Sketch drawings for fine people like you. As you’ve probably seen, I post a few examples after each convention, but at any given event I’ve usually drawn many, many more than just those. Over the past few years I’ve drawn hundreds of fantastic chimeric creatures, and only a small percentage have been posted here.

So I’ve set up a new daily blog just to showcase these drawings! You can follow along at: or

This is also a great time to recap the various things I do, and the various ways you can follow along if you like:

• My personal Twitter is @malki and I usually mention all the various things I’m working on! I also tell JOKES and post pictures of my CATS

• My personal Tumblr is and I post interesting stuff there sometimes too!

• I have a Vine account too — — which I use ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY for conversations with my adorable kitties

• For Wondermark comics, you can come to the site directly (of course), or you can subscribe via RSS, the Twitter account @wondermarkfeed, or daily email delivery — all of those mirror every post that appears on this site. There’s a LiveJournal feed too, if you still have that.

• I post every comic on the Wondermark Facebook page too, but Facebook is underhanded: they only display page content to a small fraction of subscribers, because they want to get page owners to buy advertising and pay to promote their posts. It’s a dirty trick! So just be aware that if you follow along on Facebook, you may not always be seeing everything.

• Of course, I also collaborate with Ryan North on our ongoing Bookwar, and over at Machine of Death, the retail release of our card game grows ever closer.




I drew a dinosaur dancing vaudeville! You can read more about why I did this, here.

It was a little sketch in a notebook that I liked enough to turn it into a shirt, which is available on TeeSpring now — it’ll be available for pre-order for two weeks, and if we hit the order threshold (45 copies), it’ll be printed. If we don’t hit the threshold, it won’t! THE CHOICE…IS YOURS

So, if you’d like to bring this fun li’l guy into your life, pre-order a copy of the shirt right now!



Earlier this week, in my post about Artifacts From My Mom’s House, I showed a picture of jars and said they were spices used in making the beverage arak. My mom, the prolific correspondent, wrote me to clarify that the jars, in fact, contained various seeds, not spices.

Wondermark regrets the error.