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Valentines cards and HORRID STORIES! The perfect romance!!

If you have a sweetie of any kind, you should know about my Wondermark Valentines! Here are a couple in particular:

And there are others too! Click here too see the full suite of designs. I recommend placing your orders this week, to ensure you get them in plenty of time before the ol’ “V”! The V in that sentence stands for “Valentine’s Day.”

Speaking of sexy, last month, I released a book called Horrid Little Stories: Sixty Dark and Tiny Tales of Misery and Woe. It’s a 150-page collection of all the art and verses from the Wondermark calendars of 2008-2012 (and a few more besides!). LIKE SO:

…FOR EXAMPLE. I’m really glad that these total strangers on Goodreads seem to like it, at least!

“These people” are, statistically, READING THIS RIGHT NOW. So just know that…I AM WATCHING

Previously I’d only offered the book as a bundle with the 2014 Calendar, but starting today I’m pleased to offer it singly! OR, you can get it in combination with its fellow Bearstache Pocketbook, the animal- and pet-themed Wondermark collection Classy Lady Like You Will Love the Smell of My Butt:

Or can even now get ALL THE WONDERMARK BOOKS EVER in a giant stack! THE CHOICE IS UP TO YOU.

Finally: speaking of calendars — I was digging around in a box in the office and I suddenly discovered that the printing company gave us sixteen extra Roll-a-Sketch calendars that I didn’t know about. It’s amazing what you find when you don’t toss everything in a huge box and live your life that way forever! Or at least I imagine!! (UPDATE: These have all been claimed.)

So I’ve re-opened the calendar store for this very limited quantity and honoring all the December calendar deals as well: you can bundle it with a Horrid Little Stories book and/or a piece of original art!

True Stuff: Mortality record from 1665

(click image for bigger)

I love this: Via Slate’s The Vault, “In 16th- and 17th-century London, in response to recurrent epidemics of bubonic plague, authorities instituted the tradition of publishing a bill of mortality each week.”

See Slate’s brief article, with more links, here.

They also link to Craig Spence’s Bills of Mortality blog:

The Bills were formulated initially to track disease (principally plague) and enumerate burials and christenings but from the mid 17th century they also listed causes of death including murders, suicides and accidental or unexplained violent deaths. It is these reports that provide an insight into the form and frequency of sudden violent death throughout the period of the early modern metropolis…

The content of the Bills was provided by the parish clerks who reported weekly accounts from each parish to the Hall of the Company of Parish Clerks. The Company then collated and printed a weekly sheet; one side held a listing of the number of burials by parish and from the mid 17th century the reverse listed a summary count of those killed by named ‘diseases and casualties’.

These covered a wide range of illnesses, some of which are readily identifiable to the modern reader and some which are not.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been suffering from ‘scowring’ for weeks

(h/t to @PublicDomainRev, where I first saw this)

2013 Errata

Although we employ a rigorous team of fact-checkers at all times, who — in violation of most worldwide labor laws — don’t even get a break to go to the restroom, we have been informed by various busybodies that a few factual mistakes have crept into the occasional comic strip we published in 2013. Please find our corrections below.

#911; What Happens Alone, Part 2
There are, in fact, geese on Gax, but they devour any creature whose gaze brushes against their silky feathers, so it makes sense that Gax would not know about them.

#938; In which a Dog’s got a Mouth
The dog did not really think it was THAT bad of an idea; he just felt pressured into having a contrary opinion.

#967; In which a Star comes Home, Part 2
Technically, Jenny Simmons did not die when her train went off a cliff; she died when the train car she was sitting in hit the jagged rocks at the bottom of the cliff.

#975; In which Quality is assured
‘Lots’ of people is somewhat overstating the success of the East Valley junior high car wash.

#946; Talking, In a Manner of Speaking
The communication method speech is not the difficulty level that hard.

2012 Errata
Somebody forgot to do a 2012 errata.

Wondermark regrets the errors.

Previously: 2011 Errata / 2009 Errata / 2008 Errata

I fought a WIZARD

Sort of! In a battle of WITS, at least. HERE’S THE PROOF:

Machine of Death vs. THE WIZARD from David Malki ! on Vimeo.

Machine of Death games are in the warehouse and shipping now! A bunch of people have already gotten theirs! This is incredibly satisfying to me!!

We will make them available to the general public after all the pre-orders go out. Hooray!!

Machine of Death games are here!

I’m very excited! The Machine of Death card game that I’ve been working on all year long (and most of last year, too) has finally arrived!!

They have already begun shipping to Kickstarter backers, and once that process is finished, they’ll be made available to the general public.

So it’s, uh, NINETY PALLETS of merchandise

It’s going to take us a little while to manage everything. But it’s all VERY EXCITING!!!