New cards: Gax Valentine & Baby Birthday

Two new Monocle Poppers cards for you today! Adding to my extensive collection of Valentine cards and Thinking of You cards, may I present the Gax Valentine:

As well as this new Baby Birthday card! I know this one is kind of niche, but my little niece turned two a few months ago and I whipped this up for the occasion — then realized that maybe it’d be useful for you too! So, here it is. (The lovely colors are by Marcus Thiele.)

All cards in the Monocle Poppers shop are only $3.00 each, with quantity discounts kicking in for as little as three cards. To be assured of receiving your cards by Valentine’s, order now!

(Visit the Monocle Poppers shop.)

  • These are great! Good work!
    The Gax Valentine in particular made me laugh out loud.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to need your organs…

    in particular your heart.

  • Anonymous

    Or rather: “especially”.