Calgary photos & a TALE OF VICTORY.

Just look at that strapping fellow in the photo! What a delightful book he’s holding, what a clever shirt he’s wearing! (Pay no attention to the seething jealousy seeping from the eyes of the man in the background. He is clearly a man consumed.)

Many, many thanks to the hero of the photo and the many others who came to visit at the Calgary Expo. It was tremendous fun and I sold out of pretty much everything I brought, which made it even more fun. We had a blast playing Machine of Death Draw & Guess on Sunday, and all in all I left Calgary feeling INSPIRED.

Not least because of an incredible achievement I managed on the way home:

…I am the type of person who wants things to work out. I want puzzle pieces to fit, and I want objects to be aligned. I once sorted a stack of bills by serial number because I was bored. I stack coins by size, take exhausting and overlong trips because I can make the itineraries mesh like beautiful gears, and before every trip I agonize over which suitcase will most exactly fit the things I need to pack. I HATE the idea of 43 Canadian cents burning a worthless hole in my pants as I cross the border home.

(Read more on my Tumblr)

Here is a picture I drew in a book:

And here is a newspaper headline that I saw:

…Which at first glance appears to indicate that R2-D2 and a charming moppet dove from a bridge to save a drowning man in an incredible moment of heroism.

Unless R2-D2 is what they mean by “motorist.”

  • Thanks again for the dapper Gax sketch! I’ve since booked a phrenologist’s appointment to have my gargantuan skull examined for faults.

  • Roborat

    Cool, my picture on teh internets. I am famous now. … and I see I need to lose some weight.

    Seriously, I really enjoyed the chance to meet you, and I am glad you and all my other favourite webcomic artists could travel to the boonies of northwestern Canada so we could meet them in the flesh. Best weekend ever.

  • Rabbit

    Hey, so you passed through Metro Vancouver! I was within 20 miles of David Malki!! Exciting!