A printable PDF flyer


Just in case anybody’s going to the Rally to Restore Sanity this weekend. Or, you know. Anywhere else.

  • Rachel

    More like accidentally-on-purpose am I right?
    Great job guys.

  • I’m so proud of you that I might have to buy the book just to express my esteem.

  • kindle. naow.

  • HAHA Beck’s quote is hilarious, he’s such a idiot. I’m glad you guys beat him out! You deserve the love, not him.

  • Thomas

    I was disappointed to hear the audio clip from that twit. After farting out that many books that all say mostly the same thing, you’d think he wouldn’t be so horribly butthurt about not debuting at #1. Any plans to get this on iBooks?

  • Well, this is even more awesome than I thought when I bought the book. I’d buy another if you do another “bestseller day”, this time on purpose to piss off your detractor. Anyway, I’ve been following your comics for five years (ever since I am in the US) and you should totally be the Minister of Publishing Cool Things. I’m glad I contributed. (I got the book today, it’s hefty! I like the first story, that’s all I’ve read so far).