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Wall Buddies Chessboard Upgrades!

Here’s a little update on our Chessboard Wall Buddies! (Just one of the eight different designs available in our Kickstarter project.)

Thanks to a suggestion by my good friend Joey Comeau, for a small extra charge we can now CUSTOMIZE the position of the pieces to your preference:

So, if you want to commemorate a famous or personally significant game, or would like to construct a mate puzzle, or just want to make some weird arrangement, we can now make that for you!

Otherwise, if one orders the Chess Buddy without specifying, we’ll send the 1.e4 position pictured at top.

To specify a custom position, pledge for any tier and add $10.02 to whatever your pledge amount would otherwise be. The ten dollars covers the extra work for customization and the .02 is a way to help us tell at a glance which orders should be the custom ones. We will send an email asking about the custom instructions before we ship the order!

Some possible custom positions might be:

  • a final position from a famous game, such as the IMMORTAL GAME or the EVERGREEN GAME;
  • a surprising position worth contemplating and marveling over, such as one from Fischer-Spassky 1972;
  • Humanity’s Last Stand — a position before Kasparov’s first loss to Deep Blue;
  • a dramatic position in which EVERY PAWN has been promoted, to inspire heart attacks in viewers;
  • a diagrammatic representation of a real-life conflict such as the Battle of Agincourt, in which a series of knights face off against many pawns;
  • a bucolic peacetime scene, in which pawns keep patrol around scattered rooks;
  • a diorama of the G20 summit, full of intermingled kings and queens;
  • a monastery crammed with 64 bishops;
  • your sweetie’s initials spelled out in rooks;
  • or, of course, The Proletariat Revolution Reaches The Stables:

Any legal or illegal position or combination of pieces is possible. $10.02 added to any base pledge amount lets us know you’d like a custom layout! (And for more than one custom chessboard, add the extra $10.02 for each, natch).

[ WALL BUDDIES – Funding now through November 30 ]

Check out: My interview with the WALLET INSPECTORS

Recently I had the pleasure of being interrogated by the Aussie podcastketeers of THE WALLET INSPECTORS.

It’s a short-ish (around half an hour) discussion in which they make me describe and explain the contents of my wallet, which happens to look like this:

Find out how and why I STOLE this “wallet” from the Hyatt Regency in Denver, on the WALLET INSPECTORS podcast!

Listen online at their site here, or on Overcast here.


WALL BUDDIES UPDATE: We’re trucking along over on Kickstarter! We’re offering eight different pieces of laser-cut wall art, including this design:

Pre-orders are open all November, for an estimated spring 2018 delivery!

More Wall Buddies available – now with 8 different designs!

A little while ago I posted about Wall Buddies, our new line of classy, laser-cut wall hangings. I had a handful of them left over from a limited run we made for convention season, and many of you snapped them up!

Well, now we’re making more — a bunch more. We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign that’s collecting orders now!

Wall Buddies! Framed Artwork of the Inventive Virtues

The “Inventive Virtues” are explained more in our pitch video (which I’m really proud of and hope you watch!). In essence, we’ve selected eight iconic images that stand alone as pieces of art, but also can represent specific virtues worth cultivating for creative individuals.

In the campaign, you can order any single Wall Buddy (of the 8 designs available), or, you can get multiples — however many you pledge for, we’ll ask you once the campaign is over which specific design(s) we should make for you.

We’re making them all in-house in our workshop in Los Angeles. Here’s my partner in this venture, Jason Lioi, putting one together:

We plan to run the campaign for the month of November, then have a special order of frames manufactured in a custom style by a frame factory. We’ll spend the first few months of 2018 making Wall Buddies, and begin shipping them to backers as soon as the frames come in.

It’s a simple campaign without a lot of complex stuff going on, this time — it’ll be hard enough keeping everyone’s orders of all 8 designs straight, so I don’t want to complicate matters!

Though, as the campaign progresses, some upgrades and alternate versions may become available… We have some ideas for stretch goals. But it’ll depend on how much interest there is overall!

Meanwhile, just to let you know what to expect, the Wondermark Calendar will go on sale and ship as usual in December. That project will overlap with this campaign a little — the calendar will ship out before any Wall Buddies will — but I trust you to understand the order that things have to happen.

Jason and I have been talking about making Wall Buddies for months, and as I mentioned in the previous post, we took some samples to Comic-Con and Gen Con this year to gauge interest. When you see a Wall Buddy in person, the texture of the material is really striking, and people loved them at the shows!

So, we made a bunch more, and now you can get them! Hope you like these — I’ll talk much more about them in the month to come, surely. And if nothing else, be sure to watch the video!

Wall Buddies! Framed Artwork of the Inventive Virtues